Chronic Constipation in a 15 mo. old?

My son is 15 mos. old and has had chronic constipation since Dec. 2, 2006. I've told his Peds about this but they have not given me any advice on how to deal with it. We have changed his diet to eliminate binding foods which has not helped at all. I've consulted his pharmasist reguarding fiber suppliments but they do not carry anything for children under the age of 12. He eats oatmeal, cereals that are high in fiber and pleanty of fruits and veggies. Yet he is still going through this. I'm at my whits end. I do not know what else to do. We even resorted to Glycerine Suppositories, but it only helps for a day and I cannot give them to him daily!

Please Help if you can!

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    My son also dealt with this. My doctor told me to try dark Karo syrup. Only a tsp. in one drink a day. We also tried mineral oil or fletcher's gastoria (you can get these at at pharmacy). Maybe try feeding him the baby gerber prunes or bran muffins.

    My son struggled with it for so long that they finally put him on a laxative powder that you put in their drink. Miralax powder, it's tasteless and it helped my son alot.

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    If he is not crying or constantly in pain then you should not worry about it.

    Here is why...

    My daughter would only have a bowel movement every 26 days, and she was like a clock. And when she went, it kind of made up for all the days she didn't go.

    I was worried and the doctor said that it was a very long time not to have a bowel movement, but that as long as she was healthy and not crying then it would seem like this was not a problem.

    As she got older she began going more often like once every 14 days and eventually every other day or so.

    Now she is 2 1/2 and she goes almost everyday.

    She was breastfed exclusively up until 10 months and then began the usual rice cereal and baby snacks. She then began wholewheat crackers (which she still loves today) and as a baby she adored sipping blended mango and banana smoothies.

    So as you can see she was getting foods with fiber but it didn't make a difference.

    One thing that is natural and really works if you can get your son to drink it is Prune Juice. Within a day or two he may have a bowel movement, although this didn't always work for my daughter.

    Good Luck and don't worry about it. Enjoy the fact that you don't need to clean a poopy diaper everyday. (That's what I learned to do)

    Besides, my friends envied me for only having to change dirty diaper every 3 weeks or so.

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    If your child is 15 months, and this started 3 months ago... could it have happened around the same time or shortly after you introduced straight cow milk? Sometimes children who are allergic or intolerant to dairy will be constipated. Try removing at least all obvious dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) from his diet - switch to rice mik, oat milk, or something else - even go back to formula if you need, or find a toddler formula. Soy milk may be ok but some kids who are allergic to dairy are also allergic to soy so that may continue the problem. It can take several weeks for the dairy to leave his system completely, so it may take some time for the constipation to go away.

    Please watch out with the karo syrup - there is a slight risk of botulism.

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    I had the same problem when my 30 year old was a baby and my doc said sometimes their "guts" just have to get bigger.He outgrew it .But we did feed him more "wet" fiber like mashed yams whipped with a little milk and butter,or butternut squash as well as acorn squash.That got things moving.Sometimes oatmeal does bind.Also ,unfiltered apple juice and orange juice with the pulp helps.Prune juice if the child will drink it.

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    Toddler constipation can be extremely frustrating for a parent. More often than not, parents of toddlers pay pretty close attention to their kid’s diet and toilet habits. As this is the time when toilet training usually occurs, you are usually well aware of nearly everything your child consumes and also watch for any signs of discomfort or upset. When a toddler becomes constipated, it can make them miserable. Also, it can make them fearful of having a bowel movement, which can cause the problem to intensify. For more information, check this link.

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    Is he still on the bottle or breast? If so you may want to switch him to Orange Juice or Apple Juice for awhile to regulate his system. For finger foods give him raisins. All of this is good for Constipation. I even take them as an Adult. It will help..

    Source(s): Mother of 3 children, GrandMother to 4
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    You don't have to have a bm everyday. As long as he's not in any pain. Try to get him to drink prune juice, that works w/ my son. I've also heard that pear juice works. Or put some kayro syrup in his milk.

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    If he will drink it, try 100% apple juice or prune juice (Gerber makes both). I know these both helped my children when they were infants. I guess my best suggestion is that if your Dr won't help, find one who will. If you at least threaten with this, you'll usually get results. Good luck.


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    Karyo, apple juice, prune juice all will help. You will need to give it to him daily, and alot of water.

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