Why do I have such a bad memory?

I am a 23 y/o female and my memory is absolutely terrible...Long term and short term...Anybody have any thoughts as to why I have this problem?

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    Hello Kara. Memory is the stuff our personality is made of; it is the glue that holds "you" together. The better your memory, the surer you feel about yourself; this leads to an increase of well being and self esteem.

    We think and recall things in pictures. Memory is not a thing, but an activity. Knowledge is gained by understanding and constructing. Everything we learn becomes a thread in a gigantic memory web. Our mind is a neural network of countless threads (neurons) that are connected to each other.

    Our conscience only constitutes around 15 inches; it is the flashlight of our mind. Our unconscious is around 11 miles; it can be viewed as the dark memory web of our mind where our thoughts are stored. Whenever we are trying to reconstruct (remember) something, we are using our flashlight to locate this thread; if we are successful then something just seems to pop into our head.

    Some threads are connected to each other, which is why certain thoughts cause other thoughts to pop up; this is based upon the strength of their association with each other.

    Our original construction of a thread determines the quality of our reconstruction; reconstruction is our harvest and the original construction is planting time. Things that aren't well constructed lie on the fringes of your memory; soon to be forgotten.

    Developing an effective thread is like creating a pathway in a dense forest. The more you travel on this pathway, the more defined it becomes; allowing you to travel faster. This thread will not disappear if it is neglected, however it will become like an old pathway covered by snow/brush. By reviewing the information, the pathway will become visible and usable again.

    We can't properly construct something if we never received the information in the first place. Like hearing someones name; for most people, it goes in one ear & out the other.

    Use dead times, are times that we do tasks that are boring or mundane, such as driving, taking a shower, cooking dinner, working out, etc; use this time to construct better memory webs & just "think".

    One reason you may have trouble remembering is if your stressed out, is the one factor that disables our use of the brain. It blocks memory, as well as clear, analytical, or creative thinking.

    Balance learning, practicing, and doing. Practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. I hope this helps. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    no but im 21 female and i have the same exact problems if u do find out let me know please

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