Would you call my Father a Traitor?He is very much against this war! He is counting the days until Bush's term

My Grandparents came to America thro Ellis Island in 1912. They learned English and became Americans! They were proud Americans! They spoke with thick french accents But they were oroud Americans! My Father and his brothers served in W.W.II. My Dad was wonded, he lost part of his right foot and both ear drum's were shattered and he lost his hearing. He hated the war in Viet Nam (Thank God) both of my brothers came home safe.My Father is no Traitor! He loves this country every bit as much as my Grandparents did! Dad reads the closed captions on the T.V. and he has read that people are calling anyone who disagree with Bush and his war a Traitor! This hurts him. Have respect he is 90 years old! He did fight for our freedom W.W.II. He doesn't understand what has happened to our country,his parents left the old country because the people didn't have a voice they couldn't disagree with their leader. Now America has become the same way! This 90 year old wonded Vet's heart is breaking!


Thank you all I've recieved many very good replies so far.My family all believe in our right to vote! We love our country! The fact of the matter is My dad may not be able to hear but he can read the words on the T.V, screen calling anyone who disaproves of Bush a traitor! I respect my Dad and I'll never tell him to calm down. I have told him (I know sign languge) that most of these people saying that if you don't agree you are a tratior and to go leave the country more than likely have never seen a day of combat nor will any of their children! His parents thought America was the greatest country in the world because of free speach for one. How can I tell a 90 year old man not to listen!

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  • Seryan
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    1 decade ago
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    Your father is a Patriot, not a traitor.

    This Bush war is an illegal war.

    We are the aggressors. Iraq didn't nothing to us.

    The men who crashed those planes into the WTC were not Iraqis, they were from Saudi Arabia.

    Bush is the traitor.

    Bush knew about the 9-11 event before it happened.

    We have photographs of Bush holding hands (for God's sake!) with the king of Saudi Arabia. Wake up!

    Salute your father for his clear thinking and his freedom of thought.

    He is not a slave to the worst president this nation has ever had.

    He is a good man and honest!

  • riopel
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    3 years ago

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    Of course your father isn't a traitor. In theory-- though I'll admit the practice has been a bit shaky, especially of late-- the whole idea of our government is to allow people to have opinions that may not reflect those held by the government. The fact that the Republicans lost control of Congress in the last election shows that the voting public are not convinced that the President and his party are in the right. Of course polls indicate that too, but a vote is obviously more significant than an answer to a poll question.

    It sounds as if your family has made positive contributions to this country for nearly a century. I hope you'll continue to do so for years to come-- and perhaps help to shape the country into a nation more tolerant of respectful disagreement.

    Please give your father my kindest regards. I have an 87 year old mother who is wondering the same thing about this country (though her ancestors came her pre-Revolutionary War) and we just pray for the wisdom to help our country through another crisis. My father served in WW II and both Mom's brothers did; her most beloved youngest brother died in France, as a matter of fact, and she grieves about that to this day.

    (I discourage watching Fox News, by the way. It just makes her angry and upset. )

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Every major atrocity in this world has been resolved by war.

    Having said that,

    I can respect peoples' opinions against the war provided that they don't just regurgitate liberal talking points (Bush lied, people died, no war for oil, the war is illegal, etc.). These are not valid arguments, and when clarification is asked for on these talking points, there is usually no satisfactory answer.

    I don't believe that your father is a traitor. Reasonable people can disagree with one another, but let's at least have an intelligent conversation and be clear on where the disagreement is. Many who are against the war do not do this. They simply call Bush names and spew liberal talking points, and that's not intelligent conversation or debate.

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    Nope. He is not a traitor. I am a Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and I am against the war. One word about congress wanting us to get out of Iraq. They are not saying give up. They are saying that it is time for the Iraqi's to fight their own war. By the way, I still think that we should hunt down Osama Bin Laden and all the others directly involved with 9-11, and capture them or kill them if we cannot capture them. This means, as W promised a week after 9-11, we will track them down and find them no matter where they are. Obviously, getting into the Iraq war has reduced his perception of why we went to Afghanistan in the first place.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My family heritage is also French, except that my ancestor, John Montfort, came over in 1622. Your father is not a traitor. He is a highly intelligent man who sees what is going on in this country and has every right to dissaprove. Our government has been taken over by huge corporate interests. Bush and Cheney and their coharts are pawns in a huge chess game. Let us pray that the Democrats will change this.

    Source(s): The Montfortians
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I differ with him when he says we have become like his country...as people do have a voice here (it's called voting).

    I don't think he's a traitor, but I wonder why he doesn't want

    a country to help people of another country who are being

    murdered and mistreated by their leader? The US has always

    been the first to help those in trouble, whether from dictators or

    sunamis, hurricanes, volcanos or Aids. I think we're the GREATEST. I prefer people don't "hate" others because they

    have different viewpoints. Tell him that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Certainly not a Traitor at all!

    More like the average American citizen who is up to their eyeballs with Bush and his farce of a war against Terror - especially when he is the biggest Terrorist of them all!

    Lo Siento!

    Source(s): a realist!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why are you and he taking things that people say so seriously? Of course there are always going to be narrow-minded ideologues, who accuse anyone who disagrees with them of something like treason (like the whole "If you criticize the president, you'll help the insurgents win the war" As if the insurgency is watching CNN, and if they don't get enough support from the American opinion polls, they'll decide to surrender)

    There are a lot of people who are against this war, including many in our government, and at least half of the population. There will always be people who antagonize you, no matter what position you take. Get over it.

  • 1 decade ago

    He is a patriot. The traitors are the ones who allowed this war to happen.

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