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what is the definition of proper nutrition?

and what are the importance of proper nutrition?

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    Proper nutrition . . . Food that will fuel, nourish and heal your body.


    I try to remember to fuel my body...not simply feed my body. Do I enjoy ice cream, pizza etc. now and then... yes : ) Yet, not daily or weekly.

    And the ' importance of proper nutrition' ? To keep this body healthy so as to lead a more enhanced enjoyable life. Take care of your car to get you places. So, why not also take care of your body to take you places such as the beach, to work, down the hall, to the heart . . .

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    Diet and lifestyle plays a role in some chronic illnesses, but to suggest that all or most our chronic diseases and illnesses can be cured and prevented by diet and nutrition alone is a composition fallacy. AltMed offers simplicity and by suggesting everything can be fixed by diet is easier than understanding the complexity of diseases and the fact that many different factors (including genetics) are involved, not just one. Now in some countries there is a nutritional problem and diseases occur as a result of this (e.g. scurvy, which results from a deficiency of vitamin C). Replacing vitamin C in the diet would rectify this problem. Chronic diseases like Hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes can often be controlled and even prevented by a healthy diet and lifestyle, but this is more to do with the type of foods and quantity one chooses to eat and not the specific nutritional content. Obesity has little to do with the quality of food, it's the quantity, however complex and refined carbs play a role in obesity, however it largely boils down to quantity. There is no good evidence, that taking routine supplementation, on top of a healthy balanced diet is of any therapeutic value. The only time vitamins are of any benefit is if your body is lacking that particular chemical. The alties think that taking something, on the basis that it's good for you, is of value, this is emotional nonsense. Your body will take what it needs to you and store or eliminate the rest. Now the alties have a way around this, they then try and tell us that food no longer contains as many nutrients as before, or simply because they don't think the food is as good as it was in the Garden of Eden! However, there isn't really any evidence to support this. The problem with recommending supplements is that many people will use this an excuse to eat crap and just take vitamins. It's better to encourage people to eat a healthy balanced diet. EDIT @ Tony: can I have the links to the actual studies please. ======================================... EDIT To clear up any confusion, Tony; I added you because you and the other alties were whining about a question you posted that we didn't respond to immediately. I added you so I wouldn't miss any of your future airings, thus missing the opportunity to smack down your nonsensical claims. With regards to refuting your postings. So what? I allow alties to add me, in fact I encourage them to challenge what I say. If what you are saying is correct, Tony, why do you care about anyone refuting your postings ? If your views are so weak and fragile that it cannot tolerate scrutiny, then you should question why you hold these views so strongly in the first place. Also can I have the LINKS to the studies you quoted please. All I can see is the report, I need to see the actual study so I can see what exactly was assessed and how. LOL and Dave for BA.

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    Definition Of Proper

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    Eat from the FOUR food groups ONLY !!!!!!! No Junk Added!!!!!!!

    Proper nutrition is for Growing,and GREAT health. This will really affect you now, and when you become older if you do not get the proper nutrition.

    With Out Proper Nutrition you may have weaken bones,hair loss,dental problems,diabetes,eyesight loss,more colds,and flu than usual,slow healing of wounds,dizzyness,headaches,memory problems,stomach problems,and the lists goes on,and on,and,on

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    Proper nutrition involves getting your body the chemicals it needs and keeping out things that do it harm. The body needs amino acids and proteins to regenerate and build. It also needs electrolytes to keep the heart and nervous system in check. Water and assorted vitamins are necessary for complex reactions that break down foods and process sugars. Carbohydrates are important to cellular respiration, and keeping you alive!

    The importance of proper nutrition is paramount. You want to keep all the little cycles of chemical reactions that keep you alive taking place in a normal and healthy manner.

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    proper nutrition is what your body needs to live. It is when you get all the vitamins and mineral and etc. every day.

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