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Who will be the first longhorn drafted this year?

You can reasonably narrow it down to 3, the first being chosen probably in the mid-late first round. Will it be OT Justin Blalock, SS Michael Griffin, or CB/PR Aaron Ross?

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    Michael Griffin is the best safety, hands down beats Laron Landry and Reggie Nelson, he is first

    Justin Blalock struggled down the stretch of his senior year, but still great potential and big upside, 2nd

    Aaron Ross may be the best corner in the draft, he has the athleticism to beat out the slow Leon Hall, and he has good size and reads the game well to beat out Darrell Revis

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    Since CB Aaron Ross plays a position in which many teams have a need, he most probably will be the first Longhorn drafted with the 10th overall pick by the Falcons. He is the tall, atheletic corner that will help address their weakest spot. G Justin Blalock will probably go to the Steelers with the 15th overall selection. These two will most likely be the only UT players drafted in the first round as Griffin's stock has fallen recently.

    Source(s): The Sporting News
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    I think it'll be Griffin in the mid 1st, Blalock late 1st, and Ross early to mid 2nd.

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  • 3 years ago

    the huge 12, like the SEC, is its very own worst enemy. the contest the south brings to the table many times holds back the confrence till one crew is lots too useful to be stopped (many times Texas or OU). OU would be in a reliable spot to conquer Texas next year which will throw various the rustic for a spin i think of. I dont think of any massive 12 crew will flow undefeated this season, infact i think of the emergence of Mizzou and Nebraska will merely make issues loopy for the south. I assume here Texas- 10-2 OU-10-2 (massive 12 Champ South) OSU- 8-4 TAMU-8-4 TTU-6-6 Baylor- 5-7 Mizzou-8-4 Kansas-7-5 Kansas State- 6-6 Colorado- 4-8 Iowa State- 3-9 Nebraska-10-2 (massive 12 North Champion)

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    ot Justin Blalock.......the scouts liek love him.... alot fo teams want to addess that key issue .....

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