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Dayton Power & Light are the worst for service!?

Today is saturday the 24th and I am having problems with my electric in my house and I called them at about 2:00 pm and told them I am having problems and it is now 9:30 pm and still no service so how would they like their bill paid the same way we get service? Oh and by the way I don't want to hear how they have this to take care of or that to take care of because when I had Ohio Edison I didn't have this problem getting service! Or is it because I live in a moble home park? You know I pay taxes to a city and don't even get services or anything for the taxes they collect like no snow removal or street repairs and they don't even take care of our outside lighting. Sounds like legalized stealing dosent it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    From thw way your posting sounds I don't think any answer would satisfy you so why even try.

    You neglected to say what type of problem you were having. Is it completely out, in the whole house or just part? Do your neighbors have service or is this effecting the entire park. Those answers could give a clue as to where the problem might be. Didn't Dayton just have some freezing rain too?

    I doubt very much that your living in the park has anything to do with you electric service. If you aren't using the electric because it is out, well they don't charge for non-usage.

    I don't understand why you are upset with the idea that you pay taxes and you power in out. DP&L doesn't profit from your taxes. If you are mad at the city about services , or snow removal you should talk to the city, not the power company. I would think that the trailer park would be responsible for snow inside the park, the same goes for the street repairs and the lighting. Maybe it is really the trailer park you shoule be mat at,,,,,,give it some thought.

  • Kat
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    1 decade ago

    Uh...yeah. We had an ice storm last night. I'm sure the DP&L crews were quite busy.

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