Military (marines) recruiter truths and lies....?

I'm trying to seperate the truth from the lies that this marine recruiter keeps telling me. He's saying that if I do good on my asvab, qualify for a certain non combat job, sign the MOS contract for that not combat related job, get placed in that job, and do good in all the education and advanced training for that job, and keep everything else in good standing with the military, it is illegal for the military to transfer me to infantry if I don't want to go into infantry because they will be in breach of the contract. And I don't have to do occupation that I didn't originally sign up for if I keep everything else in good standing with the military. Is this true? All my friends say that after the advanced training, even if you are already in a specific job, that the military can take you out of your current occupation and place you in another occupation if they need to? What's fact and what's fiction? Are my friends confused or is the marine recruiter lieing to me?

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    Military recruiters are like use car salesmen, they will sweet talk you in to buying their product at any cost, and once you sign on the dotted line, you are no longer their concern.They move on to the next pigeon.

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    Ok buddy here is the deal. Take it from a Marine with 8 years time in service. I am not a recruiter and could care less if you joined. The truth of the matter is that you can not be transfered to Marine Corps infantry unless you volunteer for the job. All "grunts" in the USMC are volunteers. And to be honest they have no trouble getting people to join the infantry. It is actually quite difficult to do. What some people are saying is true however, there is no such thing as a MOS that will keep you out of Iraq, but you will not be in the role of a grunt. I have never ever ever ever ever heard of a fellow Marine that was removed from the job that they were in and placed in another one for any reason what so ever. If you get a contract that says you will be in a job then you will be in that job. Even if you go in open contract you will not be a grunt. I have to say your friends are very confused. If you want to be a Marine and you want to have a certain job then do well on the ASVAB and get that job. I guarantee you will keep it.

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    When you join the Military the Government owns you.

    It is very common to complete training in a field and then have to switch to a field that needs soldiers. And the number one field needing soldiers is the infantry. Why? Because it is harder to recruit men to fight on the front lines and because many die.

    These troops need to be replenished. If they can get you into one field or division they can switch you at any time to another.

    Recruiter are not supposed to lie but they rarely get caught if they do. In most cases they just leave things out or bend the truth or use money as a tool to get you into the spot they need you. This is all recruiters not just Marines. And watch the ROTC programs too. They dont always paint the right picture.

    Now that my son is in the Army and has served 3 years he can see the false information he was given.

    Always ask questions. Always press them and flat ask them if they are lieing. Tell them you dont want to be a part of any organization that does not tell the whole truth.

  • Amy S
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    My son is a Marine, deployed right now. He tested well on the ASVAB, and contracted for a career FIELD... not a specific job. Once out of boot camp and MCT, he began his A school. Guys in the same career field were weeded out as they reached their maximum potential in training... to jobs all within the range of jobs for that Career Field. Those that continued to do well got the more difficult jobs. My son is in Aviation Electronics. That Career Field covers everything from guys that change lightbulbs to the guys that do electronics maintenance on airplanes and helicopters. All within the Aviation Electronics/Maintenance career field. You will be deployed... if it's to a combat zone, you'll still be in a non-infantry MOS.

    By the time they train you to do one of the technical jobs, meaning, computers, electronics, any specialty like that, they've got a lot invested in your schooling and won't just stick you in an infantry MOS.

    By the way, there are some ruthless recruiters out there, but our experience with my son's recruiter was great. He never lied to us. We invited him to our "welcome home" party when my son came home on boot leave.

    Just don't sign an "open" contract... that's a euphimism for "Infantry"!!!

    Source(s): Marine Corps Mom.
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  • david
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    Yes, Get it in writing, a few of my friends wanted jobs like SEALs and pliot, and air traffic controller but were put in other jobs like cook, infantry, and transprtation. I can't guarantee you with the writing part.

    I had the same experience myself, I just looked into it and discovered I made the right decision not to join, Read the fine print. I am an apprentice now and make more money than if I joined.

    Source(s): They tell you anything, one told me my score was too low, another said I was qualified another said I was average and another said you can pick a field you want. They tell you anything to join. Decide for youreself what is right for you and do you really want to do that? Or is there something else better.
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    All a recruiter can do is get you in the military - if the Marines need you somewhere else , once you sign the paperwork that is where you go. Don't like that ? Look into another branch of the service.

    Personally I loved the Navy but that's me. I was a mechanic but you might want to look into food service or supply.

    My son signed up to be a infantryman in the Army then went on to be an Army Ranger. He loved every minute of it.

    The service isn't for everyone but if you choose one , know you are there for the years of your commitment unless you get a dishonorable discharge so pick one you researched and really want.

  • Chrys
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    (retired military wife...21 yrs AF)

    If you join the military it is UNDERSTOOD that you WILL be put in combat situations, sent overseas (TOD for 18 mnths to 2 yrs),

    will NOT get the job you ask for, they put you where THEY need you. The ad's say join and get this, uhhh..noooo...Thats NOT the way it works. So unless you are willing to fight for your country, no matter what. (and don't pull the I can't shoot anyone or it's against my religion), DON'T join the military. NONE of the branches....

    The military can and WILL move you anywhere they see fit, anytime. They can and will change your job without your consent.

    So have a thought about what YOU want and need before joining the military.

    Take care and good luck !!! [[ ]]

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    If your contract says you will get a certain job, then you will get it.

    Infantry grunts are a dime a dozen and easy to fill the billets.

    Certain billets are hard to fill and recruits with the aptitude to get those jobs, will get it in their contracts. And that's where they will go.

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    its called tad temporary allowed duty i think is what it stands for hubby is military not me. yes they can change your job at little to no notice to you. by the way theres no such thing as a non combat job you were lied to there. everyone who joins the military will deploy to a combat zone. whether your on a ship guarding the waters or flying planes dropping bombs or on land filing incident reports you will see be in a combat zone

    Source(s): navy wife
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    Technically they *CAN* switch your job, but they wont unless ww3 breaks out or you fail your job training. Learn to be more trusting, its good that you check your facts, but unless your friends are Marines they shouldnt be giving you advice on the topic.

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