What should I do with Nigerian scam email?

Any organisation that I can report it to?

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    If you are talking about the 419 mails i.e the ones saying that they have millions of dollars to send out of the country etc. as far as I know there is no way to block them but there is a site where some people reply to them and keep them talking and have some fun with them. If you put 419 into google that will find the site

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    The reality is that reporting will do very little good, if any at all. According to the anti-spam experts, we are seeing far more spam mails now than ever before. And the spammers are more clever about defeating the spam filters. That's why more spam is making it to the Inbox instead of going straight to the Bulk folder. There are a few basic things we can all do to keep spam to a minimum...

    1. Spam mails that go straight to Bulk should be left there (and emptied occasionally if you want). Never NEVER open spam mails. And never attempt to unsubscribe!

    2. Spam mails that land in your Inbox should be marked as Spam so that they are moved to Bulk and placed on the Blocked list (blocking that address so you don't receive any more mails from them).

    3. Any email that you are the least bit suspicious about should be deleted immediately. Don't let curiosity get the better of you. Simply by opening a spam email, you could be alerting the spammers that you have an active email address (they probably didn't know it before), to which they will most certainly send TONS of spam mail in the future.

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    If it's scam-spam you can go to:


    Click on 'File A Complaint' (top center of page).

    If you turn your 'SpamGuard' on, you won't get any spam in your 'Bulk' folder. If you get any spam in your 'Inbox', hit the spam button and it will get deleted and be placed on your 'Blocked' list.


    To turn 'SpamGuard' on:

    1. Go to your email box.

    2. Click 'Options' (upper right, horizontal list of options, blue letters).

    3. Click 'Spam Protection' (first column, under 'Spam', blue letters).

    4. In the 'Spam Filter' section:

    (a. Click '[Turn SpamGuard On]'

    (b. Check the:

    'O Immediately delete these messages upon receipt.

    NOTE: Sometimes SpamGuard may treat a valid email message as spam and deliver it to the Bulk folder. If you select the "delete immediately" option, you won't have a chance to review the messages in your Bulk folder before Yahoo! Mail deletes them.

    Or check the:

    'O Save these messages in the Bulk Folder for [1 week[v] - [2 weeks[v] - [1 month[v]'

    5. In the 'Mark Spam + Not Spam' section:

    Under the 'When I mark a message as Spam, in addition to deleting the message:'

    Check the box:

    '[/] Add the sender's email address to my blocked addresses list'

    6. Click the 'Save Changes' button (below the 'Mail' tab).

    Using SpamGuard Visual Tutorial


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    hey hold on nigeria? i only get like geez south something or other lmao, i love em! geez, your gonna send me something that ive never even dreamed of because its like way off the believability scale, and your gonna what?

    hey cant blame a guy for trying. i think i'll start representing marvin the martian trying to get in touch with you over a long lost abducted relative.(dodledodledoe)

    Source(s): ever blow 1 of those emails up? they are sometimes full of links, havent used any yet, but way cool. on the ones i looked at, the came out as no color cells in the background that showed addy in the status bar
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    your mail server should have a report option,you could forward it to them but that really won't do anything...just set your junk mail filter so this stuff wont find your inbox

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    Print it out on some reeeeeally thin paper, roll a joint with it and have a smoke.

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    just block it

  • 1 decade ago

    print it off and poo on it

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