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When will the people of Iraq know that they want to have the freedom that Bush says they want?

They should stop fighting among themselves and learn to bow to Bush and Company like the Radical Right Wing Sheep have learned to do. When they learn to obey things will be so much easier for them.

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    I hope you're being sarcastic. Bush & Company have set themselves up as 'Big Brother', ala George Orwell's book, "1984". It's time for the people of Iraq - and the people of the United States - to tell Bush, "enough is enough". The Iraqis have been in a civil war for 1,400 years. The ONLY reason Bush is spending a TRILLION DOLLARS of U.S. taxpayers' money in Iraq is because he and Cheney want all that OIL swimming underneath Iraq's sands. -RKO-

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    The people in Iraq do want self rule. They want to be a democracy. but you also have to understand, some people don't want that. They like the old ways under Saddam, the Sunni's had it made under his control, they benefited big time when he had all the power. So you know they are pissed off his gone and out the picture. People in Iraq want all this senseless violence to stop. They want to have their own nation. But the Sunnis and the Shiites have to come together and then they have all these insurgents from other countries coming in there and blowing everybody and everything up. I feel bad for the Iraq people. Nobody wants to work anything out, it's all about bombings and killings. It's terrible, it's sad.

  • Iraq shouldn't have to obey Bush. He isn't doing alot to save a lot of lives over there is he?? Is he saving the soldiers, or the innocent Iraqi people? I wouldn't listen to bush neither

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    I believe you will find the answer to your question here:

    (Get Your War On)

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    they know right now.

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