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Symptoms of Tonsillitis? Mono? Strep Throat? STD in mouth?

Can someone please list the different symptoms between Tonsillitis? Mono? Strep Throat? and STD in mouth? I'm not sure what i have. The only symptom I have is that it hurts to swallow. I ask this becuase my throat started to hurt when i was swallowed food/drank a drink. Its not sore/swelling. I dont have a fever(anymore), Im not tired, There isnt any pus, but there is a redness in the back of my throat. I dont know what i have.... I'm scared it could be an STD in my throat. I made out with a girl, and gave her head....(yeah ima dumbass) An hour later my throat started to hurt. I didnt give her head for a long time, but i know all it takes is contact. I had a slight fever before i saw her but now its gone... can someone please help me. Thank you in advance


I am currently taking some antibiotics, but have not seen the doctor.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You shouldn't really have started taking antibiotics unless you have seen a doctor.

    If your throat is a virus, which is likely if you have no fever or swelling, antibiotics can make it worse as it kills your natural defensive bacteria in your body as well as any foreign bacteria.

    Also, if you have got any sort of STD or bacterial infection, the antibiotics you have chosen to take may not be suitable to whatever infection you may have.

    That is what doctors are for,

    Tonsilitis is an infection in your tonsils and symptoms include red swollen tonsils (found at either side of your throat)

    Mono (mononucleosis) is a viral infection, which causes fever, tiredness, sore throat & swollen glands. This takes 4-6 weeks to develop after catching, through kissing etc

    Strep throat is a bacterial infection, which mainly causes difficulty swallowing, sore throat, fever etc...

    As fot STD's, Im not familar with any that have oral symptoms, and they definitely would not have caused symtoms an hour after sexual contact. These things need to cultivate and grow in your body before they are symptomatic.

    If your throat is sore, go to the docs. They will probably say its a virus, come back if its still there in 2 weeks. Bacterial infections cause fever, swelling etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    were did you get the antibiotics? they may not be the right ones for your problem. and you may have caught thrush off the girl, a STD would not come on straight away. or you may just have a simple sore throat and the girl thing may be a coincidence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. Gargling with warm salty water or mouthwash can reduce the pain and inconvenience. You can find some good home remedies at

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