No allergy, but FLU all year round??

I dont have any allergies which could cause me to get this horrible cold every week, it really is interfering in my studies and i would appreciate if anyone who has had a similar experience to plz give me some advice on how this culd be cured.

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    It probably is allergies. I have really really bad allergies, and it sometimes feels like i have a cold. Stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, red nose, and other stuff can all be caused by allergies. Some people do have allergies all year round, and it's not fun. I have them almost all year round, and somedays are worse then others, and some days are so bad i don't feel like moving or doing anything.

    If it really isn't allergies, and you think it's a cold, then there is no cure. Colds are a virus and they can't be cured with meds. Talk to a doctor if your really worried, but my bet is it's allergies. Try taking some allergy medicine to see if it helps, a little wont hurt you, and it could help a whole bunch. If it doesn't work, then you might still have allergies and you might be like me. Most meds never work, but sometimes I get lucky and they help a little.

    This might be new because you might have just recently brought something new into your life that would cause you to have an allergic reaction, such as the fragrance of: different shampoo, conditioner, soap, perfume/cologne, or flowers. Maybe someone new you've met or see regularly is using something that you are allergic to. My friends think it's hilarious when they use shampoo I'm allergic to.

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    Hello, First I am not a Doctor but if I were you I would consult a Doctor because any chronic condition can be a sign of something more serious, or simply an allergy to something in your environment which could be treated as well but they have to run test to identify the source if you are as miserable as you sound it would be worth it to go see a Doctor regardless of what it might be the sooner the better.

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    Hello, I have allergies all year round to everything, trees,grass,weeds,animals,inhalants ( Insect Spray,Flaxseed,Silk,Dust Mite,House Dust,Cockroaches,Cotton Linters,Orris Root and Kapok),molds, and Peanuts. I know what ur going through. I am always tired, my nose always seems stuffy, I sneeze a zillion times a day, I m always blowing my nose and I have Asthma too, so I cant breathe well either. I take tons of medicines.That helps some.

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    I do believe that you have allergies, hayever, on going sinus infections , or something else of that nature. You don't have the flu all the time.

    Find an allergist, get some testing done, start allergy shots and get better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It could possibly be hayfever or something in the environment where you live. If your house is air-conditioned this could also be the problem if it is blowing allegens around

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