Can you ever see a scenario where Chinese army becomes a police presence inside the United States?

Because I do . Call me crazy if you want . It will all be United Nation approved of course.

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    You are not crazy. Infact it is a very plausable scenario, and I believe they wouldn't hesitate to jump at the chance. It would give them the chance to take control of alot of infrastructure and strategic advantages, much in the same way that the US has exerted it's power around the world for the same purpose since World War II.

    Think about a scenario like this. The United States doesn't get a handle on it's illegal immigration problems over the next 50 years or so, virtually by this time Hispanics will be the largest minority in the country. Let's just say that they add 50 million to their current numbers which is a huge jump over the span of 50 years. Also take into consideration that a great number of them will be illegals who are hovering on the fringes of society. Not speaking English, not identifying with the country at large. The southwest for all intensive purposes right now is turning into a foreign country and talks of reconquista are on the lips of a sizeable number of south western Hispanics ans supported by elected leaders. With another 50 million added we can expect to see more white flight from places like Los Angeles and more racial violence between blacks and Hispanics, which is already starting to heat up as Hispanics are encroaching on black strongholds like Compton and pushing the blacks out. What will begin to take shape is a Balkanized North America where racial anc cultural politics takes center stage over national solidarity. It will be just like situation we have witnessed a thousand times in places all over the glove like Former Yugoslavia Darffur(spelling) Rwanda etc. When that happens the United States as a functioning entity ceased to exist and I fear that an all out struggle for living space and racial and cultural self determination will take place. At the very least you will see martial law and the breakdown of civility and a low intensity civil war where isolated incidents of racial violence and reprisals occur. At the very worst the government buckles under the strain and total war divided on 3 fronts ensues with a goverment collapse. The Southwest will be the first battle ground followed by the deep south with isolated pockets of civil strife in northern enclaves. Expect foreign governments to get involved, Mexico in the Southwest and possibly the UN which may seek to intervene. In 50 years China could be on the verge of Superpower status. It would be a delicate situation for China no doubt, as the prospects of failure would certainly be very high and would have to be taken into consideration, however the potential rewards vs risk may be too enticing for China to pass up and they could attempt to use the situation to increase their international clout. Likely? probably not, however the more illegal immigration becomes a problem the more likely it becomes. However that is assuming that the United States stays as a soverign entity in the Next 50 years. There have been serious talks of North American Union of late and if that happens the prospects of a UN intervention are slim however it still does not bode well for the people because the only plausible reason for a North American Union would be to do away with the constitution once and for all and replace it will a police state. You have 4 possible outcomes for the future of the United States and North America. 1) is that the US gets a handle on it's illegal immigration and slows down the rate of immigration so that immigrants have time and motivation to assimilate preserving the solidarity of the country. From everything we are seeing out of washington this seems highly unlikely. 2) North American Union. To me this seems the second most plausable and I believe is what they have in store in the next 20 years for cheap labor and total government control and will squash and resistance. There wont be a question of problems like illegal immigration because soverignty wiill be a thing of the past, but so to will rights not handed down by big brother be a thing of the past. 3) Limited Collapse. The sovereignty of the US remains but martial law is declared and the constitution suspended. The government maintains it's control through Dracconian measures but internal strife severely weakens the bonds of society. Think occupied West Bank conditions. and rampant racial based crime like South Africa. 4) Total collapse and total war. There is a fifth option that some would have everyone believe will take place. That a Multicultural peaceful Utopia will emerge, much like the communists promised would happen, or like was promised would happen After Appartheid in S. Africa by Mandella. These fantasies have been proven to be just that time and time again throughout history, and have about as much chance of ever occuring as a snowball making it through hell in one piece.

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    Why would you think that the Chinese military would ever have a foothold in the US? The Chinese still have major problems, including having to take care of 1 billion people and massive environmental issues. The average person makes only about $6.50 a DAY. That said, they may have growning influence in the world, but have a plethora of more pressing issues on the homefront to be worried about us.

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    This would only happen if they used the missile technology Bill Clinton gave them for campaign contributions. After they destroyed us with nuclear attacks and killed about 150,000,000 of us, they could occupy the USA. But then they would be in my back yard and now they would find out the sting of the long gun. Unlike the insurgents in Iraq, who are killing because they are mentally retarded, we would be insurgents fighting for our country. I don't think the Chinese are as stupid as the liberals in this country.

    Its never going to happen sparky.

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    You're crazy. The UN doesn't intervene in the internal affairs of countries.

    The US and Britain want to change that policy so they can interfere in Sudan. But China has always stood up for the rights of nation states.

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    They want the farmlands out west, cattle, coal, and other natural resources. Just keep that rifle clean boy

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    Pray we never push the big red button

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    You should think about blocking Jericho from your on demand list it is getting into your head.

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    As they own the mortgage, they may have to to protect their property!

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    nah, we would nuke them first, they would nuke us and the world would be destroyed.

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    Not really.

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