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In your opinion who's the top 5 American Heavyweight prospects we have yet to hear of or have heard little of

Sorry my question is so choppy, lol. I had to edit it down for the caption space. Just do not give me names of pre-exsisting contenders like Rahman or Toney or Samuel... etc. I guess 5 was just a number I threw out. You could do 3 or 300 for all I care.

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    I think elmer_fuddstien is thinking of Kevin Johnson, who is actually pretty good. He fought before on ESPN2. Very good jab (he compared it to Larry's not that good but he has lots of potential.) In my opinion, he is the guy to look for. Recently he said he wanted to step in for Shannon Briggs to fight Sultan Ibragimov. This guy could really be champ one day.

    Chazz Witherspoon. You may have seen him on Showtime, or you may have seen him a few years ago winning the national golden gloves. Very talented as well. Lots of potential. And he is related to the former heavyweight champ, Tim Witherspoon (i think cousins)

    Tony Thompson is pretty good too. You may have seen him recently on Fox Sports, where he had to borrow regular gym shoes because his team forgot/lost his. Good speed

    Eddie Chambers is pretty good too. I dont see him becoming a champion, but he has talent to be similar to Chris Byrd. I can see him making it to a title shot though. You may have seen him recently on ESPN2 knocking out Derrick Rossy the former football player.

    Chris Arreola is decent. He has power but I dont see him being a champion. He did impressively Knock out Damian Wills (who is co-managed by Denzel Washington) on PPV.

    Eric Fields (4-0). I honestly havent seen him fight. but he was a very good amateur. Someone to keep your eye on.

    Speaking of good power,

    Travis Walker 22-0 (17 ko's). Great power in his right hand. Still needs a lot of development though. You may have seen him outbox Jason Estrada (former US Olympian heavyweight boxer) on Showtime

    I still like Joe Mesi. The man was on pace to fighting for a championship before the head/brain injury. But i dont consider him an up and coming guy because he has headlined a HBO fight or two

    I always liked the way Malcolm Tann fought but he has lost to a few guys imitating boxers so i am not too sure of him. But he is tall, strong and fast. He had a lot of televised fights on Fox Sports

    Someone who definitely is not a prospect, Tye Fields. Slow, doesnt know how to punch well. He is a tall but not talented.

    A list of a few undefeated boxers who havent fought anybody yet. And, so i cant make a judgement on them. Their records are good but that doesnt mean much. I mean, any decent boxer can be 25-0 if his opponents are hand picked... Alonzo Butler, Donnell Holmes (25-0-2, 22 kos), Michael Marrone, Devin Vargas(former olympian but i may have him confused with his brother), Faruq Saleem (35-0, 31 kos), David Rodriguez (23-0, 22kos), JD Chapman (25-0, 22kos) (I actually saw this guy a few times. He used to be trained by Michael Moorer but i didnt care for him much. too raw.)

    Calvin Brock recently lost to Wlad Klitschko is still decent. Ray Austin is fighting klitschko next is pretty talented too. Lamon Brewster is entertaining and had good power/chin but these guys arent up and comers.

    The best non-US up-and-comer boxer

    Alexander Povetkin. He is pretty good. you can see for yourself at youtube.

    Source(s): Keep your eyes on Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson, Chazz "The Gentleman" Witherspoon, Eric Fields, Tony Thompson, and Eddie Chambers
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    *sorry misread at first half my list was Russian lol*

    Good Question here is my short list not sure that there are that many yet to be known as they are dragging everyone who has fought since 1980 back on the boxing scene including heavyweight contenders Joe Mesci and Tommy Morrison who each had 1st and 2nd round Ko's at the mountaineer in W. V. last night. Anyhow here is the possible five hopefuls people may not know much about.

    1. Tony Thompson (29-1)

    2. Tye Fields (38-1)

    3. Eddie Chambers (28-0) don't know much about him though

    4. Chris Arreola (19-0)

    5. Brian Minto (27-1) saw his on loss to veteran Tony Tubbs but fought really well and has had some good fights since. Ithink he has potential

    We will see if they are tomorrows talked about fighters or if they fall into oblivion.

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    Be on the lookout for Jonathon Banks.He's from Detroit and he's trained by the legendary Emaunel Steward and boxing out of Kronk. He's 14-0-0 with 10 Ko's right now. He KO'd Eliseo Castillo in the 4th just like Wladimir Klitsckho. He'll defeintly be a contender with a little more experience. Trust me. He's got next.

    Michael Marrone is 17-0 with 13 ko's and trained by legendary Lou Duva.

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    There was a guy named Larry Johnson that looked like he had a good skill set, but between the ears he seemed like a ****. I haven't heard anything about him in about a year.

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