I got a DUI in FL but I have an Arkansas license?

I got a DUI in FL and I have an AR license, I did not blow and should get off but will my Ar license be suspended?

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    yea, it will.How long depends on your age and your driving record. If your under 21 than it will be suspended much longer or also if you already have some points on your lisence already. Also if u dont blow it is longer/ I got 2 DUI's last June(one was out of state). and I have been suspened since August. I had a bad record and am under 21. Dealing with the MVA(DMV) sucks...its all these stupid hearings one after another, in which no one really knows what they are talking about. Its a huge beaurocracy...I hate it

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    You refused the DUI test? That usually means an automatic suspension. FL and ARK are members of the interstate compact, which means FL will notify ARK that you refused a DUI test, and ARK will suspend your license. Refusing the test is a dumb move. The DUI might have cost you a chunk of money but you might have held onto the license.

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    Victoria, it relies upon on which state you're in, considering the fact that each and every state has diverse DUI rules and DMV regulations and regulations. additionally, it relies upon on why your license replaced into suspended. finally, it's going to be as much as you, your criminal expert, the prosecutor and the decide to no count in case you have got the skill tocontinual in any respect, and regardless of in case you may get a constrained license from the courtroom, opportunities are high the DMV will take your license for some quantity of time besides (the DMV and the courtroom equipment are 2 separate agencies, so regardless of if one helps you a constrained license, the different you will take it away). if your license replaced into suspended because of the fact of a DUI, and this replaced into your 2nd DUI, you could could carry out a little detention center time, and in all possibility various community provider. using on a suspended license is a very separate crime in maximum places, which additionally can carry approximately detention center time and substantial outcomes or fines. once you're in California, you may get charged with 2 crimes (DUI and using on a suspended license) besides because of the fact the dashing. it fairly is fairly useful to think of approximately at present looking an Alcoholics nameless team or an outpatient alcohol scientific care/scientific care center and initiate going many times. save a record of each and every of the cases you circulate. If possible, think of approximately getting in touch in some community provider activities. Doing those issues will (a million) tell the decide and the prosecutor which you're proactive and taking accountability on your movements, and that they had be extra keen to supply you a plea deal that limits detention center time and facilitates you tocontinual or a minimum of save your activity, (2) tells the decide and prosecutor which you're a effective, lively member of the community who merits a destroy using volunteering. finally, detect a criminal protection criminal expert to symbolize you, except you have faith the community public defender (if your community is small, the well-known public defender would have adequate time to be attentive to you and supply you the protection and peace of recommendations you will need). the two way, having representation provide you your terrific possibility at fending off a bad result. additionally, in case you get a private criminal expert, he or she will signify you for the DMV examine too (bonus!) so which you would be able to cover that ingredient besides. good success! seems such as you could desire to apply some applicable now.

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    Many states share information, and many states will impose reciprocal suspenions for refusing breath tests. So, you need to fight both the FL suspension and the FL criminal DUI to likely avoid this.

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