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Whats the life of an ABH in the Navy like?

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    At sea: Grueling!! Long hours on the flight deck in all kinds of weather. Twelve - 16 hour days are normal. When I was on the USS Nimitz (84-85) I was glad I was a black shoe box kicker working down on the 3rd deck. We worked 12/7 and that was enough.

    I really felt for those airdales who worked the flight deck. And ADMIRED them for their up-beat attitudes (for the most part). I'm surprised that an LCDR, especially a BROWN SHOE, doesn't know that the BLUE JERSEYS were not ABH's.

    And yes, the ABH's DO wear the YELLOW jerseys. Blue jerseys are the GRAPES...aviation fuels folks (ABF). RED jerseys are the WEAPONS HANDLER folks.


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      purple shirts are actually what they call grapes on the carriers. And blue shirts are the plane handlers.

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    Aviation Boatswain Mate (Handler) Actually it is still a yellow shirt and it is a lot of work. When the carrier is underway you are at work. Not too much down time. You will be on the flight deck or in the hangar bay doing your job. A very hot job if you are deployed to the gulf duting the summer months. Way over 100 degrees on the flight deck. Cool job though if you want the ultimate in adventure and you like movies like Top Gun.

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    Aviation Boatswains Mate (Handler)... a blue shirt !! The Navy's description of the rate is as follows:

    ABHs direct the movement and spotting of aircraft ashore and afloat; operate, maintain, and perform organizational maintenance on ground-handling equipment used for moving and hoisting of aircraft ashore and afloat; supervise securing of aircraft and equipment; perform crash rescue, firefighting, crash removal, and damage control duties; perform duties in connection with launching and recovery of aircraft.

    You'll be on a carrier or large aviation amphib... not MY choice of rate, but a good place to start

    Source(s): 15 yrs in the Navy AWAN to LCDR
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    ABH?If thats aviation bosun's mate,your going to be painting a LOT

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    Its what you make of it. If you want to do your job, you will love it regardless of what you do. Dont worry about going out to sea, youll be with THOUSANDS of other people, and there are plenty of large open spaces on a carrier. Dont ever let yourself think poorly about your job. Think about moving forward, but never rip on yourself. Good luck

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