What benefits can running our electric truck on Revived Batteries have on Climate Change? Is it renewable egy?

There are two questions. The latter one is whether a Revived Battery is considered "renewable energy" by most people.

Revived Batteries are (err, were) dead batteries that were destined for shredding (recycling) and which we rescued, so our cost is nil. The process of reviving batteries costs less than $10 per battery.

A revived battery will last nearly as long as a new one. We can revived batteries approximately 5 more time, based on experience. A weak/dead battery can usually be revived to double its range in an electric vehicle. (Used them for over 3 years on ebikes and escooters.)

We don't have an FAQ site, but here is a photo blog webpage, in case you're wondering what our etruck looks like:


In your opinion, if there are benefits, how good are the benefits, in respect to alternative energy, in a scale of 1 to 10?

How much energy-reduction is achieved by battery revival, as opposed to letting dead batteries be shredded?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't let the doubts here about 'renewable energy' get you down. Electric vehicles definitely save energy and reduce pollution, even if powerplants burn some fossil fuels. So any action to encourage EV use is an action to curtail climate change.


    First of all, not all electricity comes from polluting sources. Secondly, large plants burn fuel more efficiently than individual cars do. And energy delivery via the electrical grid is 95% efficient, which beats the wasted energy of trucking gas to thousands of service stations. And finally, EVs have motors which are far more efficient than gas engines. Greater efficiency means less energy, and less pollution per mile driven, regardless of what fuel gets burned.


    A source of cheap recycled batteries makes the EV equation even better, as the cost of replacing batteries is one of the only maintenance costs an EV driver has to worry about.


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  • Swamy
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    1 decade ago

    While your actions are praiseworthy from the environmental point of view, the electricity used for charging the battery etc. may not be renewable energy. No doubt you are saving energy by not shredding the dead battery and by using it, you are saving energy which would otherwise be spent in producing a new battery. To that extent, it is good.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Running any vehicle on electricity (from any source) is only renewable if the batteries were made with renewable energy or recharged with renewable energy. Currenly most of the energy that we use would come from the burning of fossil fuels.

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  • libbie
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    3 years ago

    enable's be logical approximately this. First one has to make the theory that the climate is changing. next we could anticipate that the extra CO2 we are producing is the reason of climate replace, additionally popular as anthropomorphic international warming (AGW). If one works from those assumptions, then you definately "mitigate climate replace outcomes" via producing much less CO2. the main obtrusive thank you to do it fairly is to generate electricity utilising an capability source which does no longer produce CO2. In different words, replace a potential plant run via coal, oil, or organic gasoline with one run via any of the capability components you point out. it incredibly is the user-friendly answer on your question.

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