Anyone know anything about Venezuela?

I am doing a report on Venezuela and need information!! Please HELP!!!

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    I am from Venezuela and on top of what everyone else said heres what wikipedia says for the history of my country

    Venezuela, first colonized in 1522, hosted the Spanish Empire's first permanent South American settlement in what is now Cumaná. Originally part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, most of Venezuela eventually became part of the Viceroyalty of New Granada; portions of eastern Venezuela became part of New Andalusia. After a series of unsuccessful uprisings, Venezuela – under the leadership of Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan marshal involved in the French Revolution – declared independence on 5 July 1811. Full sovereignty was only attained after Simón Bolívar, known as El Libertador ("The Liberator") and aided by José Antonio Páez and Antonio José de Sucre, won the Battle of Carabobo on 24 June 1821. José Prudencio Padilla's victory in the Battle of Lake Maracaibo on 24 July 1823 helped seal Venezuelan independence. New Granada's congress gave Bolívar control of the Granadian army; he then liberated several countries and founded Greater Colombia (Gran Colombia), comprising what are now Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, and Venezuela. He then liberated Peru and founded Bolivia. Sucre, who won many battles for Bolívar, was to become his natural successor, until he was murdered in Berruecos. Venezuela remained part of Gran Colombia until 1830, when a rebellion led by Páez led to the nation's secession and declaration as the Republic of Venezuela; Páez became its first president.

    The Castillo de Santa Rosa was a Spanish colonial fort used to defend Margarita Island from pirates and foreign invaders.

    Much of Venezuela's nineteenth and early twentieth-century history was characterized by political instability, political struggle and dictatorial rule.[2] Following the death of Juan Vicente Gómez in 1935 and the temporary demise of caudillismo (authoritarian rule), democratic struggles eventually forced the military to withdraw from direct involvement in national politics in 1958. Since that year, Venezuela has enjoyed a tradition of democratic civilian rule, though even this has not been without conflict.

    Other than that theres the most recent history, from 1983 we have been loosing ground economically and the social disparty has been growing since then. That was the major reason for the coups till 1994.

    After that we had a very tight economy, growing a little bit with oil prices below 10$.

    98 came chavez, and with that the total decay of politics in the country and the increase in social disparity. Weve had chavez for 9 years now and we are getting worse day by day...

    Lets hope the neasr future changes everything and we could be in our way to economic growth, reducing the gap between social groups and aiming towards a more diverse economy by investing the few drops of oil we will have left.

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    Venezuela used to be a great nice country, now is not even a shadow of that, unfortunately. Chavez has phucked up almost everything and there's a lot of poberty all along the country, middle class has dessapeared, there are only rich people about 8% of the population (most of them are members of the Chavez dictatorship) and poor people more than 80%. This is the raw and naked truth, the rest is romanticism.

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    There are 2 different Venezuelas, the Venezuela what you see outside the country and the Venezuela what you feel when you live here.

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    Yes. I know a little tiny bit.

    Last year Hugo Chavez, the "President," who is more dictator, than president, tries to get universal paranoia of the USA by telling fellow communist and Aryan friends, like Syria and Iran, and Cuba, that President Bush is planning to KILL HIM!

    Compare THIS to what Chavez has DONE. I was in America, at a pizza place wearing a coat I did not know was sold by a Venezuelan Company. A man standing NEXT to me in line there said,"So you like Venezuela huh?" I said,"NO! Chavez is a paraoid schizophrenic, and kicked missionaries out of the country for no apparent reason!" This man next to me went on to explain,"I had a friend who had a family living in Venezuela. Last month Chavez had his personnal guards go and kill my friend, RIGHT IN FRONT OF his 4 year old girl! JUST because my friend didn't vote for him in the election!"

    If you need anything else, you can go to to get more general info.

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    it's in south america - the capital is Caracas, the population in 2000 was 24170000 they speak spanish there, it's hot but cooler in the mountains. THey get a lot of rain in the west and south and a little near the coast

    they grow bananas, coffee, raise beef cattle, chicken and eggs and milk

    they manufactur aluminum, chemicals, cloth, food products refined oil, and steel

    there government is a republic

    Most people there are roman catholic

    the area is 352145 sq. miles or 912050 sq. km

    columbus was the first to visit venezuela in 1498

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    Hugo Chavez is trying to become the beacon of the Americas and create a counter culture to the USA.

    He is nationalizing all of the industries in his country, giving his population lots of little shiny objects to gawk at now, hoping that they wont notice that he has taken all their rights away and will be bankrupting the country in the future.

    If it wasn't for the oil revenues, there probably would have already been a coup replacing this tin soldier.

    If you pull up information on Socialism/Communism you will get a flavor of what the C man is trying to pull off.

    We all know how this ends:

    Once the state controls everything, no one will have the motivation to succeed or work hard; then all the sudden the economy will crash and burn; followed by revolution in the streets.

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    What do you want to know ? Venezuela is a very general topic

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    I was in Venezuela a few years ago on the island of Margarita Island .... there was a very safe beautiful nature nice people and very good food and drinks ..... have great beaches and few tourists

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    Ok but WHAT do you need to know about Venezuela?

    I'm Venezuelan... I know a lot!

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    Hugo Chavez is a communist dictator. Venezuela has large petroleum reserves. Chavez is in the process of seizing a large portion of private industry and property. He is also building up his military, and he is attempting to spread communism to neighboring countries. We will eventually need to remove him, as he is the most destabilizing influence in the western hemisphere.

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