Do you run a u haul store?

We are interested in a u haul store. Can you let me know the good, bad and the ugly. Profits? What to watch for?

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  • Todd B
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    1 decade ago
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    Here are several things to consider:

    1.) Location. How far away is the nearest dealer? Are there dealers in my town? We have the dealer in a small town (9,000) and the nearest dealers are half an hour away. The nearest bigger towns (over 25,000) are an hour away.

    2.) Equipment. Are you willing to go get the equipment you need? We have had to go an hour and a half away to pick up equipment. That was over three hours on the road and away from my other business. We ended up hiring several retired people to drive for us. It keeps us in the shop and they get to do something helpful.

    3.) Dealing with headaches. You will have problems and problem people. I tell everyone I talk to to make reservations. I get calls all the time from people who need to move on a Friday and they call on Thursday afternoon. Be prepared to say "No". U-Haul policy is to say "yes" to everyone, but it will cause big trouble. We are selective on the reservations, if we know we can't cover them we send them to our marketing company. The marketing company is who you deal with directly. They are the ones who control the equipment and the reservations. They can help or cause some major headaches.

    4.) Positives. If you can keep equipment on your lot then you are going to do OK. U-Haul has gotten better about their support and the equipment has gotten better. Lots of new equipment in the past year.

    My opinion is that is a good opportunity to make some extra income, but it is not something you should rely on as a first income.

    Source(s): 5 years as a U-Haul dealer
  • Leo F
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    1 decade ago

    You can't own a U-Haul store they are all corp. You can become a U-Hall dealer. Most dealers have a 2nd business, Gas Station, mini storage ect. There is no charge to be a dealer but unless you have a very good location like near a Military Base or in an area of people doing a lot of moving it's unlikely they would grant you a dealership. You get to keep 65% of all rentals fees. The only way you would make it work, would be on one ways out of state and a lot of them. You can also make money on the PM oil changes, minor repairs ect. but you need a place to do it. The highest month I had was gross $5,900 and that earned me 2nd in the USA. My dealership was 1 mile from a Navel air base. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Owned a U-Haul dealership
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know about profits but you get to wear gray and orange shirts. You rent out trucks and trailers and put on trailer hitches. This may be your life's calling....

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