Where Have All The Good Ones Gone??? Is YA making us hate each other???

I dunno about you guys.....but I have noticed that some really good users are being turned off by certain things being done in this community (e.g. imitators/ copycats, Type A personalities, user profile stalkers, soapbox/grand-standers, etc.).....

What's up with that? Have we turned into a cyber-coven of witches? Do you know of any users that have scared you away? If so, what did they do? You don't have to name names...but yeah...

I'm just curious....are you almost done with this community???

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    I'm beyond done. I just hang around for you.

    I'm tired of people turning the most minor of online acquaintences into some sort of full-blown love affair/stalker situation.

    Some of these people up in this place just seem to flat-out obsess over my every movement and I'm sick of dealing with it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well for me, I just started and I'm having a blast. This is fun. The people you talk about are found everywhere a new community starts up though. They are the jerks that hide behind a computer and would never tell you what they thought in person. They feel safe behind a computer. Others are just jerks period. They'll tell you online or offline. They could care less. They just want to start trouble because they think the world owes them something. It's up to the community to keep them out. Band together and keep them under control. But it's hard if you don't have everyone particiapting. I hope get to stay see the community grow more. Like I said, I'm having fun. Anybody wants to chat, just drop me a line! I'm up for making new friends.

    The Syko Ward

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope, a cyber-coven of witches usually aren't in it for the stalking.

  • 1 decade ago

    No I get on here to answer...if someone scares me I report them.... Just don't answer stupid questions and don't worry about what others say...everyone has there own opinion!!

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