Please advise me how to answer the following "Strategic" question!?

1. Identify the different strategy development processes operating in Intel. How different/ similar were these processes within and between the different epochs?

-- is that related to 'internal and external environments' ???

2. How effective were these different processes? What effect did these processes have on Intel's performance?

-- i have no idea about how to answer it ???

3. What were the tensions between processes within each epoch?

---is that related to 'SWOT' ???

4. What proposals would you make as to the most appropriate strategy development processes that should exist as Intel moves into a more and more diversified business model?

-- is that base on the strategy change of Intel gives advice to Intel how to develop its business more diversified???

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  • Sami V
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    1 decade ago
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    Too many and too complicated to answer here!

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