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on new years day,1900,queen victoria sent 10,000 boxes of what(?) to soldiers fighting in the boer war?

please help, its a crossword i was doing quite a while ago and its stuck in my head, now curiosity has got the better of me and i need to know! thanks

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    Treasured by the troops was Queen Victoria's Christmas gift of chocolate which came in this handsome tin.

    In the hand-writing of the Queen were the words:

    I wish you a happy New Year.

    Forty thousand such tins were designed/made by J. S. Fry & Sons, Bristol.

    Later tins were made by Cadbury, and Rowntree. Some soldiers even kept the chocolates as a memento. This tin belonged to Cpl. J. P. Fox. [Photography by David Fox].

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    In 1900, Queen Victoria sent 40,000 boxes of chocolates, actually decorated tins, to the troops in South Africa fighting the Boer War (Letters, December 16). Some of these tins have survived as "collectibles".

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    The answer is Chocolate

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    10,000 boxes of chocolates.

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    Tins of chocolate.

    I hope this has unstuck your head. lol

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