Negotiating rent for apartments?

is it a common practice to negotiate the cost of rent on an apartment for new tennants? Thanks for any help!

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    You can absolutely negotiate the rent. Rents are set based on a number of factors, including the landlord's carrying costs, taxes, maintenance expenses, and the market.

    If you have a solid track record, you have a negotiating position because it is desirable to deal with you versus taking a chance on a lesser qualified person.

    I lease homes for a living and people with solid credit, references, and adequate income are often in short supply. Rents aren't carved in stone. Market activity also plays a role, since landlords are less likely to negotiate if they know they have a "hot" property. Nonetheless, it never hurts to ask, as long as you understand the answer might be "no" and you will be at a disadvantage if another qualified person is willing to pay full price.

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    No, it's not at all common.

    But it's not unheard of, either. If you're an excellent tenant with good credit and good references, and the apartment is priced above market rents, it's worth asking.

    Somewhat easier: negotiating little improvements. New appliances, new paint, that sort of thing.

    And, depends on the type of landlords. A suburban homeowner trying to rent out a basement often needs to be told that they're asking too much, but a property management company that's been renting out places in a high-rise for years isn't likely to budge.

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    it depends of the case to case... maybe it will be possible if the owner don`t have so much clients and he is worried about NOT RENTING the property so fast. But the negotiation will be less than 10%.

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    merely say, "i will furnish you with $1500." and they take it from there. If it truly is a privately owned condo, they are going to say sure or no. If the owner says no, they could counter-grant at, say, $1550. If that is an homestead complicated, the chief might want to probable say no to any negotiations, because they have already got a corporation variety that accouts for a particular share of vacancies and particular month-to-month expenditures for certain instruments. yet, it would not damage to ask.

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    Its rare, but it can happen. Everything is negotitable, but typically

    rent is set at a price where the landlord knows somebody will pay it. so they have less desire to except a lower offer. Unlike buying houses,which are normally higher listed then they should be knowing the price will have to come down a little.

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    No its not common. However, I do know a few cases where females have been able to negotiate a lower rent but only if the landlord is male.

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    I don't think so. I think the rent could be a set price.

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