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Best PG in College Hoops this year... you decide..?

So I came across this little snippet in Katz's blog today about all the great point guard play this season... I'm curious, take your homer hats off --- who do you think has been the best point guard this year...?

Here's his list so far..

Quote:UCLA's staff wants the campaign to start now for Collison to be considered the best point guard in the country. He's easily in the top five after his stellar performance against Arizona (15 assists). The company for the honor might go like this: Mike Conley, Ohio State; Taurean Green, Florida; Kammron Taylor, Wisconsin; Acie Law IV, Texas A&M, Derrick Low, Washington State; Dominic James, Marquette; D.J. Augustin, Texas; Aaron Brooks, Oregon; Ronald Steele, Alabama; Ty Lawson, North Carolina; Tyrese Rice, Boston College.

Don't judge this on potential as much as you can help it... let's be honest, who has played the best?

I say you gotta give it up to the pac-10 guys like Low, Brooks, and Collison, although I definitely respect the big t

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    It's gotta be Brooks. He just dropped 30 against Washington. Last time Oregon played Washington they were without Brooks and got blown out.

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    I like Marquette's James. He's a dang pinball on the court and I think he's going to be fun to watch this march. The guy plays with a lot of intensity and depsite Marquettes ups and downs, I still think he's the overall best PG in the game right now.

    I don't see enough of Brooks to really judge. Another fav who will only get better in the next season or two is DJ Augustin. I got to see him play when Texas came out to play Tennessee. He played VERY well. The kid can do it all.

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    Don't forget about Ramon Sessions from Nevada.

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    I really think Collison is the best pg in the NCAA

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    mike conley jr. at ohio state. i wenr to see him play and he is amazing

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