Why do . . .?

people start to smoke? Why do they continue to smoke when it is bad for when you??? Yeah it addicting but wouldnt you want to stop after you hear about all of the risks?


Yeah I know that it is hard addiciton to overcome but what would get you to stop? what motivation do you need? When you think about smoking why dont you think about your future. What would you like to do in the next 5 or 10yrs? Will you be able to see that future or will you have lung cancer? Yeah its a bad addiction. I have never had a serious addiction like smokes but I use to have to have soda all the time. But then I stopped because I thought to myself is it really worth it to be drinking something that is going to make me fat? No its not so.. I stopped. I havent had a drink of soda for 2 years. I have wanted to have soda again but I dont because I know that it is not worth it

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    Why do people marry idiots? Why is money really important? What is up with the Starbucks craze???that stuff sucks!!!

    Why do people have sex?

    Why do people think it's ok to do so many other drugs just as long as it's not cigarettes?????

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    Obviously, you don't understand addiction, or you wouldn't ask that question.. Do you want to know what it feels to be addicted???

    Try this, it won't kill you and you won't get addicted.

    Tomorrow, when you get up, don't eat anything for 48 hours, you can have only water, but nothing else, by lunch time you will have hungar pangs, by, dinner time you will be quite uncomfortable, tomorrow you might feel not bad but soon your guts will be crawling up your throat to get out of your body to find something to eat. That is what addiction is like, whether, it is smoking or drugs or food or breathing.

    Give it a try .....and Understand.

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    I started smoking because i wanted to. Yeah, i know the risks, but i don't wanna quit. I've tried, but i figure when i'm ready to quit i'll do it.

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    usually start young-peer pressure

    then it's a hard addiction to quit

    personally-i enjoy it

    why do people,drink,take drugs,commit crimes etc..i don't

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is harder to stop than it seems.

    Source(s): Just quit.
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    I dont know........I dont know..........and Yes.

    Sincerely a smoker

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