Grey's Anatomy... Grey's fans only please!!!?

Ok, now I am begining to get frustrated with this whole... who will date who thing... because I thought that Addison, and Alex were going to hook up, but after what she and Mark were talking about tonight, I don't see that happening.

These are the potential hook ups I see happening.

Alex & The pregnant Jane Doe

George & Izzy

Slone & Addison

Tell me what you guys see happening?!?!?

Just wondering what is racing thru everyone else's minds!!!


Okay you guys... I don't see George as a cheating kind of guy either... BUT... I don't see him and Callie working out!! He will split from her, and get with Izzy...

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    This is frustrating me too, so you're not alone; here's what I think will happen:

    Alex & The pregnant Jane Doe: I think they should allow Jane Doe to change him into a better person; Alex will probably help raise the baby, help her get to know herself; I think that a family member or the baby's father will try to get her back and she'll choose the baby daddy. Alex will feel sad and the others will piece him back together.

    George & Izzy: I also don't think that George and Callie will split up because none of hid friends don't see them together and think of their relationship as a mistake plus I haven't seen them accept her like they've done Alex when they all began. Anyway, I think that George and Izzy will make a great couple because they have the same personality and I think they'll be the next Cristina and Burke. As long as honesty plays a part in their relationship and it's okay, they'll be fine.

    Slone & Addison: I see Mark going crazy with not having sex for as long as Addison told him to. I think that Addison will be the one who slips up and sleeps with Alex but Alex won't be attracted to her; he just needs to have sex to unload his feelings about Jane Doe and he doesn't want to be around her because it was a one-night thing especially when he and Jane Doe share intimate words or a kiss.

    That's what's wondering through my mind.

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    I think Izzie might have a thing for George based off how she is being very protective of her "group" and gearing towards jelousey of his attention focused on Calllie. I like Callie and hope George stays with her as seems he is finally standing up for her. He got married too quick, I do admit. Callie is good for him, in my eyes.

    She really misses Denny and I just love how the writters brought back him just for a little bit as Meredith had a slight death. I think he is cute and I would of loved to see him last a bit longer on the show; him be with Izzie. Then again, the writters have a direction they are going and good things don't always last. They seemed very good together.

    I sometimes wonder if the writers are trying to write Izzie out. They sure have made her very panicy and jittery.

    Now, I do see Alex and the Jane Doe.......but not for long though. He has good chemistry and passion, even though he has his moments of being a jerk. I think he has the passion to work with infants/children. That is where his character lights up.

    Addison is always back and forth, but I don't think Derek will get back together as the direction of love with Meredith. I think she might give slone a chance, but I have a feeling she might slip or something will alter in that "deal" they made.

    I do want Cristina and Burke to make it, but I wonder if he will leave the show (maybe George). I keep hearing there will be a "change in the cast" and that Addison is suppose to get feature roles focused on her character sometime in this season.....

    I can see Baily getting Cheif.

    I wonder what "old wounds" will be. Didn't get to see the preview as this golden globes thing or something with opera interupted....

  • I see Alex and the Jane Doe happening, and possibly Alex and Addison. There is also the huge possiblilty of Addison and Mark seeing as wha their conversation was about. George and Izzie are definatly not going to happen though because he is so p/oed at her for being mean to his WIFE. I don't see goerge as a cheating guy. The other hookup I see going on right now is also Izzie and Alex.

    Source(s): I saw the show tonight
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    ok so basically let me tell you what i have heard about grey's alex and the jane doe form a relationship of some kind (not sure if intimate though) izzie and george might possibly hook up and addison has an unexpected hook up also so that rules out alex and slone and i think it might be the chief because that is way not expected and i also dont see burke and christina staying together

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    i dont think that addison is gettting with anyone becasue she is leaving the show to star in a spin off series that also stars taye diggs. so..... i think that after realizing that her "husband" had never really loved her like he loves merideth, she is going to go.

    george is not a cheater, but i think that he will realize that he only married callie as part of his grieving process for the death of his dad.

    izzy will not be hooking up with anyone in the near future becasue her heart belongs to someone else, and always will.

    merideth had a life changing experience and will stop taking her friends and derek for granted, i hope. christina also found out that she has faults and contrary to her beliefs, she needs people in her life.

    that would be sick if alex got with the pregnant jane doe. not cool. she has a husband and he would be taking advantage of someone who litterally lost her mind. jane does husband proabably went down in the ferry.

    slone will never learn his lesson and will continue to use every woman in his path. karma will get him good.

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    I can see Alex and the pregnant Jane Done. I can't see George and Izzy or Slone and Addison.


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    yeah i kinda seen the whole alex and preg lady but thats a little too far, alex will stay with that addison cause mark cant go 60 days, and izzy and george, i think izzy loves george like a brother but i do get mixed feelings about them, and i think georges wife is sooo hot but i think they will stay together and of course meridith will stay with that one dude, i think hes going to purpose, but did you watch the episode b4 that and george was looking for that little boy for the mom and he finally found him, his wife was operating on him, what happened? did they not say? im totally confused about that and i didnt really enjoy the part where grey was stuck between life and death, i thought it was confusing and pointless, well i did like the part where her mom showed up...god that gave me chills.

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    ya i dont think izzy&george will happen because they only seem like friends and i think itll take her a while to get past denny

    and im really not sure about the alex&jane doe hookup because there seems to be something there but it might not be anything at all

    and about slone&addison.........

    i dont even know

    i think one of them might cheat and have "relations" with someone

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    LOL... Here is my opinion:

    Alex and Addison

    Mark and Izzy

    Callie and George

    because either Addison or Mark is going to break the 60 days pact to create drama and entertainment. Plus, I think the pregnant lady was married to the man who wife was missing in the previous episode, I think.

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    ok Alex is so cocky its not even funny

    Addison is better with mcsteamy

    George is gonna stay w/ Callie its what his dad wanted and he really cares about her

    Alex is too involved w/ himself so it really doesn't matter and

    Izzy is still not ready to move on from Denny and i dont see it happening anytime soon.

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