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Greys Anatomy???

Does anyone know the actress that plays the pregnant Jane Doe on the recent Greys Anatomy episodes?

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    Her name is Elizabeth Reaser, and here is an article about her from Grey's Anatomy Insider (it's long so I'm just posting the link.)

    PS - Here's a little spoiler from Spoiler Fix. (

    02/14 - You already figured out that that was Elizabeth Reaser playing the pregnant woman with the crushed face that Alex saved. In the coming weeks and months (Reaser's on board for at least nine eps), Alex's attachment to her will intensify. And if you thought Reaser's character had it rough last week, just wait. Another tragedy is about to befall poor Jane Doe. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

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    Elizabeth Reaser

    USA today did an article on her.

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    nope but i wish that grey would die ...i wounder what would happpen if she did die....

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