What's that song????? GRRR!!!! #&%^*@$%!?

On the movie Mean Girls, there was a song playing at a party that I am DYING to find out what it is. I looked up the soundtrack, but it was not on there. It was the scene where Cady's parents were out of town and Cady, Gretchen, and Keren host a party. It's a pretty upbeat song, not the slow one (Built this Way) If anybody knows what it it is, PLEASE let me know! THNX!

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    I don't know the movie that well, to tell you the truth... lol so I dunno off the top of my head

    Anyway, I know you've already seen the soundtrack, but this is a pretty extensive one, so maybe what you're looking for is in here

    And sorry it's so long!! haha i just figured it'd be easier for you to look thru

    "God is a DJ"

    Performed by Pink

    "Pass That Dutch"

    Performed by Missy Elliott


    by Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams

    Performed by Kelis

    "Halcyon + On + On" (great song by the way)

    by Paul Hartnoll, Phil Hartnoll & Owain Barton

    Performed by Orbital

    "Built This Way"

    by Dallas Austin & Samantha Ronson

    Performed by Samantha Ronson

    "Rip Her to Shreds"

    by Deborah Harry & Chris Stein

    Performed by Boomkat


    by Peaches & Stickey Henderson

    Performed by Peaches

    "Put 'em Up"

    by Chad Hugo, Victor Santiago & Pharrell Williams

    Performed by N.O.R.E. featuring Pharrell


    by Linda Perry

    Performed by Daniel Franzese

    "Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)"

    by Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier

    Performed by Pierre Henry

    "Love's Theme"

    by Barry White

    Performed by Love Unlimited Orchestra


    by Katy Rose & Kim Bullard

    Performed by Katy Rose


    Written, Performed & Produced by Gabriel Rene

    "Oh Yeah"

    Written, Performed & Produced by Gabriel Rene


    by Jeff Richmond

    Performed by Nikki Cleary

    "One Way or Another"

    by Deborah Harry & Nigel Harrison

    Performed by Blondie

    "The Flying TV Episode"

    by Fred Mollin

    "Jason and Dad"

    by Fred Mollin

    "The Mathlete Rap"

    Lyric by Tina Fey

    Music by Gabriel Rene

    Performed by Rajiv Surendra

    "Jingle Bell Rock"

    by Joe Beal & Jim Boothe

    Performed by Gina Rene, Gabriel Rene, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert & Amanda Seyfried

    "At Seventeen"

    Written & Performed by Janis Ian


    Written & Produced by Gabriel Rene

    Performed by Gabriel Rene & Gina Rene

    "Misty Canyon"

    Written & Performed by Anjali Bhatia

    Licensed courtesy of Wiiija Records Ltd.

    "Let Me Let Go"

    by Debi Nova & Printz Board

    Performed by Debi Nova

    "Here I Come"

    Written & Performed by Joe Faraci

    "Mean Gurl"

    Written and Produced by Gabriel Rene

    Performed by Gina Rene & Gabriel Rene


    Performed by Joe Budden featuring Busta Rhymes

    "Dancing with Myself"

    by Billy Idol & Tony James

    Performed by The Donnas


    by Josh G. Abrahams

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