how does a seismograph predict earthquakes using bedrock?

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    A siesmograph by itself neither predicts earthquakes nor uses bedrock. A seismograph is an instrument that records changes in movement, such as vibration in the ground, also referred to as seismic activity. The seismograph is normally located on the surface of the earth and records seismic activity of the ground.

    When an earthquake occurs, the enormous forces cause shock waves to be sent out throughout the earth's crust. There may be some smaller seismic activity before the full force of the earthquake is felt. Since these smaller vibrations are transmitted very effectively through rock formations, a seismograph may be able to pick up and register an early signal pattern for an earthquake event, if it is in contact with bedrock.

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    Seismograph can not predict earthquakes. But it will sense the vibration even if it is very small in the earth. Some times it helps to suspect major earthquakes .Some times after small movement it has generated big earthquake. The earthquake recorded at our seismology station 2 hours before Tsunami struck our coast. They failed to issue the warning. But I sensed the earthquake wave for an unimaginable time of 12 minutes on the day of Tsunami with the help of the quake alarm designed by me. I alerted the local T.V.stations they ignored my warning.On 24th July 2005 between 3 and 4 p.m.I sensed the feeble earthquake waves . I reported it to seismology station . They refused to confirm the incident. The same day we physically felt the quake at around 9.30 p.m. It was latter on reported as 7.1 in Richter scale and the epicenter was near Andaman island. Now it is proved that my quake alarm has sensed the earthquake signal on 5 different occasions including on the day of Tsunami.The instrument which I used to alert was made by me at a cost of just 15 U.S.$.But nobody came forward to find the truth even though I got appreciation from several leading scientist for my inventions.

    Source(s): My research work on early warning equipments.
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    A seismograph can only read the vibrations caused by rock movement. The seismologist interpreting the data may try to predict an earthquake.

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    Seismographs do not predict earthquakes, they record ground shocks. An increase in ground shocks can be a predictor of a potential earthquake, or nothing at all

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    A seismograph can read kinda movements in the earth, and there are lots of movements (microquakes) all the time, even though you can't actually even feel them. There tend to be more &/or slightly larger microquakes when there's going to be a larger earthquake coming.

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