how do i set my email as the default program? it is not listed in options?

my web site has email boxes and I would like to set it up so if I click on a email at a different site, my email will be used. On the tools, it lists AOL, Outlook, MSN, etc. Any help for this neophite will be greatly appreciated!

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    You didn't say what email you want to make your default email, but to make Yahoo! Mail the default email application for your computer, click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab (or Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab) > under E-mail click the down arrow and select Yahoo! Mail > click Apply and OK. If Yahoo! Mail isn't listed as an option, follow the directions below.

    Using Internet Explorer just click "Continue" on the link below to download a small 60K file that will enable Yahoo! Mail to be the default email application for your computer. Whenever you click on an email address on any web page or in any computer program, Yahoo! Mail will open for you in a new window.

    If Internet Explorer displays a yellow security bar at the top, click on it and select Install ActiveX Control from the menu.

    If a security warning comes up with Yahoo! Inc. as the publisher, click Install.

    Now you can click on an email address anywhere and your computer will automatically open up Yahoo! Mail for you.

    You can even send documents directly from Word, Excel, or other Windows applications.


    Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP

    Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

    If Yahoo! Mail isn't listed as a default email option, and if for some reason the above answer doesn't work, installing Yahoo! Messenger (install everything that comes with it, don't un-check anything), will also add Yahoo! Mail to the list of email options, and if you don't want it, uninstall it ( it will leave Yahoo! as an email option ).

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