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Will a standard 40 watt light bulb shinning on a plants able the plant to do photosynthesis?

can it use the light from a regular light bulb or only from the suns energy?

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    The sun's light consists of photons of all colors and invisible light that appears as white light. A 40 watt light bulb also produces photons that appear nearly white. Therefore a light bulb may help a plant produce photosynthesis but the light my not be optimum for a particular plant. Also, sun light is relatively constant except for time of day and clouds, etc. A light bulb is nearly a point source of light and its brightness (for the plant) will depend on how close it is. Of course the light bulb can produce light night and day of even intensity. Special hydroponic lights are used to grow plants indoors because they have the right mix of photons.

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    I have a few plants that receive low light only from lightbulbs. These plants do well in low light conditions anyway. They are fairly close to the bulbs (without being burned). And they are compact flourescents that put out an equivalent to 100 watt incandescent. The lights are on most of the day. They receive no sunlight at all. One of the plants is a little leggy or spindly, more viney growth than foliage in other words. I've read in a houseplants book that you could rotate plants in a low light area to where at they get at least 2 weeks out of the month of enough light for photosynthesis, so rotating the plant with another could be an option.

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    Any source of light, given enough time, can trigger photosynthesis. A 40 watt bulb shined on a plant for an excessive time can "do the trick."

    Think of it like this: a 40 watt bulb will provide X photons of energy packets to the plant, while say a Halogen lamp will provide X + Y packets of photons.

    If you have the money get a more powerful lamp/bulb. If you don't, it won't be a major issue unless you are growing flowering plants, desert plants, or marijuana.

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    A standard incandescent bulb does not produce the range of light that is equal to sunlight.

    Fluorescent bulbs are better but provide enough light energy only for low to medium light plants. There are Plant light bulbs that produce a wider range of light spectrum and heat as well.

    So be careful with placement of these bulbs with respect to the plant.

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    hi, each lignt producing "white mild", like sunlight, ought to offer power for photosynthesis. yet for a number one action on photosynthesis, sodium lights fixtures are extra effectual (from 4 hundred to 1000 watts approx.). despite the fact that it is going to value a lot !! you will discover a lot of hyperlinks on google (plant boost lights fixtures). For institutional concepts see above

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