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Dorkus asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 1 decade ago

What's your strategy for slot machines?

So i've accepted the fact that slot machines are completely random, but of course with very small odds that you ever hit the jackpot. Just wanted to see what other people's strategy was for slot machines that have allowed them to lose (assuming the house always wins) the slowest? Do you stay at a machine three tries at max bet, and if you don't go up move on to the next machine? five tries...stalk people who have given up on other machines?


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    Best advise, stay away from the slots. But if you do feel the urge to watch flashing lights and pushing buttons try and stay in a high traffic area (front of the casino, near the bar, areas like that). Slot pay outs are based on times played. So when they finally get close or are on that number the higher the chances of a pay out.

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    My grandma says that at Casino Rama the machines are timed to payout at a specific time in the day. Sometimes you could see her sitting at a seat getting 7 7 7 on a machine, while you can look back at four other machines to her right, flashing 7 7 7 and paying out coins.

    A vast majority of machines these days strike a jackpot to exact odds (to follow laws) all the time. Watch a few machines, they will strike a jackpot after an exact number of spins.

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    i find that when i am at a casino and playing slots, i will literally "walk around" and pass machines until i find one i get a "feel for." once i find that machine, i will max bet a few times, and if i don't win at all, i will then just repeat the process with another machine. the last time i was at a casino, i hit for $500 and then for $200 on the same 50 cent slot machine, so of course i stayed with that one for awhile. sometimes i will purposely pick machines that are near entrances, restrooms, or gaming tables, because rumor has it that those machines have higher payouts. i used to play high money slots, but now i only play 25 or 50 cent slots. you can win the same amounts on those machines without losing as much money. it's all a game of chance, a fun one, at that!

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    honestly strategies rarely work. i usually play $1 machines, three at a time on the same bank. i only take $100 in, so if I lose it, I do and If i win, i keep playing until i go broke or break $500.

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    stay at a machine until someone wins then count the number of pulls there are until the next win. So it goes like this.... turn - turn - WIN - turn - turn - turn - WIN - turn - turn - turn- WIN so in this case the machine pays out every 4 goes.

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    three pulls then walk away. the ones that do pay, i wright down the serial # or whatever the # is on the side and come back to it another day. these machines are moved if they are paying.

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    I DONT PLAY SISSY SLOTS. real men play skills games like NL holdem

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