Islam’s contributions to modern society?


I said “modern society“, but I should have added “in the last thousand years!”

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    1 decade ago
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    All of those sexy calendars with Muslim girls showing their bare foreheads.

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    1 decade ago

    Begin with the idea of the zero. This contribution alone has made modern mathematics and the computer possible. Add to that the enormous research in medicine by such scholars as Avicenna.

    Most of what we know of Greek philosophy, which led to our own democracy, was preserved by Muslims through the Middle Ages and its reintroduction into Europe made the Rennaissance possible.

    That's just scratching the surface. Do some research.

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    It's true, the Islamic world contributed more in centuries past. We owe much of our basic mathematics, science, architecture, literature and philosophy to great Muslim thinkers of the past.

    But conservative fundamentalism took root in many Muslim countries, from Algeria to Afghanistan (of course, it also grips the U.S.). However, millions of liberal Muslims interpret their scriptures individually, not as literal law. These Muslims believe in gender equality; many have adopted modern culture, customs and dress.

    Largely due to that liberal movement, Islam contributes to today's world in countless ways -- still more in maths, technology and ethical philosophy. That's why universities have courses in Islamic studies.

    Sadly, many of your answerers show how ignorant most people are about the hugely important things Islam has already given us.

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    Islam is the fastes growing religion. Some project that is will be the major religion by 2020. This should give some pause to think. Why would so many people be converting? I hope that the religion would not be judged based on the action of its extremists. All religions have those.

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    1 decade ago

    Whoa, what a charged question.

    My personal opinion is that islam continues to be the greatest threat the world must face today. The advent of WMD makes islam even more of a threat since islam certainly appears to be based upon hatred, violence and intolerance.

    Contributions to modern society? None. It could very well be the means to the destruction of the human race.

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    Islam contributed alot until middle ages (apprx. until 1600's). This is less than 500 years ago.

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    1 decade ago

    Perfected the Roman numeral system that everyone uses today. Wrote the first book on medicine. Established the first democracy.

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    They are UNIQUE among religions in contributing suicide bomber/murderers. ALL other religions have gone in the OPPOSITE direction--SO WHO DO YOU THINK IS RIGHT?

    Check this out--

    A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding

    By Sam Solomon

    Foreword by Gerard Batten

    UK Independence Party

    Member of the European Parliament for London

    December 2006

    Article 9

    We the signatories request all Islamic institutions and all of its

    associates, affiliations and outlets in co-operation with the

    signatories to this Charter:

    a) To discard all texts that discriminate with impunity against

    Christians and Jews by describing them as Kaffirs,

    apostates, polytheists, the children of apes, and swine, and

    prohibit any inciting, insulting, and all discriminatory

    references based on their religion

    b) To abandon the practice of Takffir (infidel) against

    anybody, be that a Muslim or a non-Muslim. (Once a

    Muslim leader declares anyone as such, it is for the faithful

    ones to see that person eliminated.)

    c) To prohibit and abolish the practice of Takkiya (Islamic

    doctrine of legitimate lying and deception of others) to

    advance the cause of Muslims and Islam.

    This insulting, inciting, discrimination, and deception is not to be

    upheld or practised.

    Here is a good, peaceful British man trying to get the violent, fundamentalist Islamanazis to moderate their self-destructive behaviors, and they aren't having any of it. What Mr. Solomon still hasn't accepted is that FANATICS of ANY flavor CANNOT be negotiated with--they are ideologically incapable of adjustment to a changing world--that's what makes them fanatics! THEY WILL NEVER STOP! They are locked into their course of action. Islamunists kill people who try to convert to another religion and philosophy.

    Not ONE Islamic nation's government supports this peace proposal!! They don't want it. They want world homogeneity, as defined by them, and brought about by reprehensible actions in the name of 'religion'. This is EVIL!

    Unfortunately, there aren't too many EFFECTIVE ways to deal with homocidal fanatics. Why waste time, money and lives on INEFFECTIVE appeasment? It just delays the day of Jihad.

    Islamic terrorists KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE! Now, I love peace and freedom as much as the next guy. But sometimes it's necessary to pull our heads out of our 'idealss', join together across religious and political lines, and put foot to hump for all mankind.

    PLEASE, think up a different solution that includes my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, without my living in constant fear of a terrorist act killing or maiming my little girls. Even if it costs a little more money than nuking the evil 'tards that want to violently overthrow everything I believe in, if it will save other human life, I'll agree to it. Just remember, it MUST be EFFECTIVE. Also, remember that Palestinian Islamanazis won't even recognize Israel as a legitimate government. They support the extermination of all Israeli Jews, and actively practice Jihad. So, once again, tell me how to take care of this problem.

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    Do you mean what have muslims contributed to modern society. Not a whole lot.

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    1 decade ago

    Islamic banking.

    All other contributions were by people, not their religions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Algebra, Arabic numbers

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