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Which Hollywood director has the best lighting effects/use in their films?

Stephen Spielberg, Sam Raimi, Gore Verbinski, Pedro Almodovar, Sofia Coppola, Chris Miller (Shrek 3), Robert Rodriguez (Sin City), Ang Lee, Stephen Soderbergh (Ocean’s).

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    Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Directed by Stanley Kubrick is absolutly beautifully lit. The interior lighting in Eyes Wide Shut emanates from visible, practical sources. Low temperature household lamps cast a warm, orange glow over the interior scenes. All fixtures were wired to a dimmer in order to maintain complete control over intensity. The opulent party scene that follows was lit, in contrast, entirely with practical Christmas lights, supplemented by the occasional china-ball on a pole for close-ups. The color red was used when Tom Cruise's character was fearful or scared.

    Example of blue lighting:


    Example of christmas lights lighting:


    Example of blending colors


    Source(s): Film Student- Wrote and Researched the lighting and cinematography on Eyes Wide Shut.
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    Terrence Malick. His movies are beautiful!

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    What about David Lynch? He can be pretty amazing with light.

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