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Does zionism control media in united states america?

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    A disproportionate number of jews are involved in the media industry. Recognizing this fact isn't "anti-semitism" or any other kind of smear with which people will try to label you for stating the obvious.

    Watch the credits roll at the end of any film or television program, read the bylines and editorials of any major paper, or visit any industry website, such as Variety or the Columbia Journalism Review and see for yourself.

    Check out the boards of directors for the major media outlets, it won't take long, there are less than a dozen, and see who decides what gets published, produced, or distributed, and what does not. "Coincidence", they'll say, and "You are a nazi for even asking such a question!"

    My favorite canard is "We don't control the content. We only give the people what they want!" As if someone like Sumner "Murray Rothstein" Redstone has no control over what goes out over his MTV, CBS, or Nickelodeon networks. In fact, in his 2001 autobiography, "A Passion To Win", Redstone brags extensively about the number of jewish media bosses, and makes the chilling confession "I bought MTV so I could get my message out to the young people." Thanks, Murray...

    In 1988, film critic Neal Gabler wrote "An Empire of Their Own: How the jews Invented Hollywood" which describes how the Louis Mayers, Irving Thalbergs, Harry Cohns, and Jack Warners of Hollywood went to great lengths to control the message of their medium. The Spielbergs, Katzenbergs, and Zuckers of today are doing the same thing.

    This is not to say that all jews are Zionists, but you have to laugh when people here write that "no, the media is controlled by atheists" as if that changes anything. The media is controlled by the owners, producers, directors, publishers, editors, writers, and actors; a disproportionately high number of which, when compared to the general population, are self-identifying jews, whether they are secular or not.

    One of the best documentaries on how the American media industry does spin the coverage of israel and Palestine we see here is called "Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land: US Media and the israeli Palestinian Conflict" from 2004. The organization that produced it, the Media Education Fund is hardly a nazi outfit. Most of the people who produced, directed, and are interviewed in the film are jewish.

    You can watch an extended excerpt from the film here (

    And finally, zionism is a political doctrine, not a religious one, so answers of "no, they're atheists" make no sense at all.

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    The media in the United States is mostly owned and controlled by the Globalist Elite. The 13 Families of the New World Order. These people are the power behind the throne, so to speak. But at least one of these families...The Rothschilds...are probably Zionists, or have a Zionist connection!!! By the way, very few Jews are actually Zionists. Zionists are reallly evil people, but most Jews are really good people!!!!

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    What is Zionism? Belief in Mount Zion? Belief that Jews should live at Mount Zion?

    C'mon, say the words, redneck: Do the JEWS control the media in the United States?

    Like all minority gorups in America, they have a certain effect upon the media, but they hardly control he media.

    Do wealthy people control the media? Yes, because they own the newspapers, magazines, publishing companies, TV stations and radio stations.

    If all wealthy people are jews, then your answer is yes, JEWS control the media.

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    Zionism does not control our media, but it does have an extraordinary influence on it and our entire political process. Former President Carter has received a lot of bad press for calling attention to the imbalance of our present foreign policy which favors Israel, even when it is extremely harsh on the Palestinians.

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    No,they also control the median in Canada as well as have much political strength in the US and Canada,they also have much strength in Europe as in trying to impose a law making Holocaust education or 'denial' as they call it illegal,and most recently have shown their strength in the German legal system by imprisoning a 67 year old man from enlightening us to what could be and what could not be possible. The facts are no defense in his case,and yes the western world is being controlled by the Zionists.

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    No Zionists do not control the media.

    You want to know who controls the media it would be the far left liberals who are making the decisions.

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    Thats why us public opinion is always shaped to the favor of israel and always see it as the victim ,regardless of all the crimes against humanity israel comitted even against usa itself.

    u never see the result of israeli crimes in palastine or Lebanon,such as the innocent kids & women & civilians who die every day by the israeli terrorist army,u only hear Numbers,and the media start claiming that all of the casualties r terrorists(even the babies?!!!)

    ,but if one israeli died ,all the media start talking about it and how the terrorists killed him and u see meetings with his family and relatives and how they r innocent victims ,,,,etc

    but when israel killes and destroy a whole resident building in palastine while the ppl r sleeping(for example),u see the media comes out and start finding excuses for israel such as ,

    "israel is defending itself against the terrorists",or "it was a mistake",,,,,etc

    Finaly,now,israel & the zionists control also the white house and all the cabinet ,and they r taking usa DOWN

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    No. America supports Israel because most many nations around her wish to annhilate Israel and her people. In America, we receive a relatively balanced assesment of the news in the mid-east.

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    Here are some sobering facts for the Arab world:

    * South Korea registered in the U.S. over 44 times the number of patents from all Arab countries combined

    * the number of books translated in twenty-two Arab countries during the early 1980s is equal to one-fifth of those translated into Greek.

    * Although Arabs constitute 5% of the world population, they produce only 0.8% of the literary and artistic literature.

    * Of the 758 people who have won a nobel prize, only seven came from Arab countries. Only two of these won a Nobel prize for scientific work, and one of them was Jewish, the other won it as an Arab-American.

    Until the Arab countries develop a culture and capacity to accept, analyse and debate ideas, they will condemn themselves to seeing themselves as victims, and everybody else as conspiring against them. Palestinian victims? Blame Israel. Blackouts in Amman? Blame Israel Even the 2004 tsunami was blamed on a secret Israeli weapon, as an Egyptian paper explained.

    Or maybe the Arab countries could benefit from a Zionist controlled media?

    Source(s): "Reform in Arab Countries: The Role of Education" Dr. Farouk El Baaz
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    We have something called freedom of the Press here in America.

    That means anyone has the right to distribute information with the perspective they wish.

    As apposed to many Arab nations that only have state run media.

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