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What brings human beings together, yet allows us to keep our individuality?


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    What brings human beings together, yet allows us to keep our individuality is our CONSCIOUSNESS. When we are conscious as human beings, we are aware of the fact that as humans we all are one and need to respect and love each other. As consciousness about being a human increases disparity on the basis of caste creed, sex etc reduces in our minds. This consciousness of oneness keeps us together. Also, when we are conscious of ourselves, we realize our potential, strengths and weaknesses and thus we know that even as we all are humans and are one we differ from each other in our qualities and capabilities. This consciousness of intra- individual differences and realization of personal potential makes us individualize ourselves by way of actualizing our potential and thus have an identity in the human society.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Sushmita,

    It's not only the human beings , but a variety of beings that come together and yet keep there individuality.

    I answered a question "Why are we here?" on Yahoo Answers, a few days ago. The same could be a proper begining for answering yours.

    Have you ever imagined a view and then tried to draw it on a paper / canvas?

    There are times in the process when you inspect the half drawn picture for it's closeness to your imagined view......then you make a correction or two and proceed..........this goes on..........If you think what you have drawn is beyond correction then what you do?.......Tear off the page and start afresh?

    This is what life is all about.

    Imagine if you had no senses and wanted to know what you are could only think and visualize what you could be, and if it turns out to be not acceptable you will simply stop and start on some new thought with corrections in the earlier one.

    We are the Soul's idea's about itself, turned in to physical reality and are constantly giving it the feedback to decide if we are moving true to his ideas. When we weaver away....well that's the end of the episode!

    Well, what remains with the true self that is one and the only for all beings, as all beings are nothing but the devices to execute the ideas of the self, is the collective experience. This experience influences the new ideas and the new creatures come in to being.

    Each individual is a seperate idea generated from the same knowledge base. As such while there are fundamental similarities, so are the distint individualities.

    Hope this helps!

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    6 years ago

    You can become an easy target of a predator if you are alone. Even when it comes to crimes that can put your life in danger, it happens normally when you are alone. However, join a herd and your chances of survival multiply; primarily because of two reasons. One, predators mostly don't attack a herd because the herd together can become a credible threat to the predator. Two, chances of you being picked as the pray are also reduced. Considering how (physically) fragile we humans are compared to other species it is but natural that we are brought together by this need for survival.So let us look at what makes us the individuals that we are. Well, the answer for that is coded by nature as well. We need our individuality because nature needs to experiment on us so we can evolve into more hardy species. There is no systematic process to this, nature just knows the general direction and it just performs more and more experiments. The traits that make us stronger, helps those individuals survive and thrive, those which make us weaker, just die with time. And this may not necessarily be true for biological reasons. Some ideas make us help thrive better than others. We need individuals who can come up with new ideas, of which some will help us survive better and longer. If everyone is biologically homogeneous, one bacteria or virus will wipe out the whole population. If everyone thought the same way, it would become harder to come up with new innovations that help us survive better as a race.

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    I wonder how the following profiles have the same language, namely:

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    In both the cases listed above, the "celebrity" has asked just one question and then effectively disappeared. Looks like an attempt to get Indians to click-through to a site.

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    Hi Sush

    Simple Answer. The Vibes from our CHAKRAS (Virtual Discs) which are the SAME as the Hard Disks in PC's. The 'Vibes' are produced in the same manner as the 'vibes' from the instruments in an Orchestra. Could be 50 Violins which look "the same" but produce the "same vibes" demanded by the "conductor" while each violin retaining its individuality. The same applies to each other instrument in an orchestra.

    Who or What is "The Coductor" and what is the "Score" to which the human being responds thru the Chakras was worked out precisely by the Hindus by devising the four Yugas.

    This is the age of KALI which started after the Mahabharat as admitted by Shri Krishna who did not consider it his "duty" to oppose the onset (resurrection) of Kaliyug.

    I hope that indicates who the "Conductor" is and what the "Score " is. The score is described in the Antim (Last) Hindu Shastras - THE TANTRAS.

    Look at the 'vibes' that 'bring 2gether' guys and gals 18-22 all over the world while each 'keeps his/her individuality'. The Hindu deity KALI was (and still is) worshipped in the roop (manifestation) of Durga. Durga and Kali hav nothing 2 do with Hindus or the Hindu faitth - They R simply the manifestations of the primordial feminine aspect called SHAKTI which was(and is) recognised by almost all people in the world knowingly or unknowingly - Even Terrorists. So SHAKTI "brings humans together, yet allows us 2 keep our individuality".

    Source(s): John Woodroffe "Shakti and Shakta". Bardo Thodol ('Tibetan Book of the Dead'), Various treatises on 'Chakras' and the "MInd".
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  • 1 decade ago

    This has been answered in Mandukya Upanishad several 1000 of years ago by Indians.

    It is a spiritual connection between all humans.

    Every human being awakens from a NAUGHT or Absolute Nothing through several folds of consciousness. In every level s/he becomes aware of the SELF (individuality) and the several such SELFs around the person.

    The relationship is developed with the interaction with the SELFs, since the collective consciousness is perfectly compatible and can relate to each other.

    This is the absolute TRUTH of the SELF as described in the ancient Indian religious/spiruality texts.

    Scientifically, every birth of an individual is defined by the DNA.

    A human begets another human. Relationship gets defined here. Mother and Child. The dependency starts here. This dependency and support is achieved by way of communicating with each other which both beings understand. They correlate. The circle of relationship expands to other human beings (SELFs) who come into the life of this individual.

    The DNA code defines individuality. The embedded behaviour across humans is the same. The presentation could be different but all have the same adaptation necessities in this world.

    Source(s): Mandukya Upanishad
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    1 decade ago

    Only The Love and Social Service will Brings The Human Being Together by Keeping Everyones Individuality

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    what i feel is that love, trust and understanding go simultaneously.If a relation has love and does not have trust and understanding, it may not work.You may love someone yet you may not understand his/her feelings and may not trust his/her acts.A relation with love and understanding again cannot work.You may say that i love you and understand why you did something but i'm sorry i still don't trust you.And a relation with love and trust too cannot work.You need to understand each other properly.

    Now the question arises, "what if some relation has only understanding and only trust?"Then all of us on thinking a little will realise that such relations work very well in the professional life.A relation of a boss with his employee works on the understanding factor.They understand each other's views.And similarly colleagues trust each other and a leader trusts his teammates that yes,"I trust them and i am sure the work will be done."

    But to bring human beings together into a relationship that lasts long and is smooth, all the three factors are important-love, trust and understanding.With these three, there will be no doubts and no suspecting, and the individuality will be respected.

    A very common day to day experience can be quoted. Imagine your friend is not talking to you and she is really sad and after your constant trying she is still not saying anything.In such a situation if the relation has love, trust and understanding, you will then stop asking her. You understand that she is sad, and needs time alone.Your constant asking will only irritate her. You trust her and you know that she will tell it to you someday when she'll be fine.And you love her, that is why , despite her not telling the thing to you , you support her to make her feel better.In this way you have respected her individuality and you have given her love, trust and understanding.

    So all humans come together, yet respect each other's individuality with love, trust and understanding!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Thats the question and thats the answer. The right to question and expressing your views bring people closer and maintains the individuality aswell. Now as here particular someone asks a question and others express their personal views over it makes so many sensibilites to come together which may vary hugely but still the unity prevails over that question. Consider a particular dot on a paper, just individual, and when too many dots come together it makes the big picture, similiarly all the people are the dots and the single person has his own significance, as the dot in the picture without which the picture would have been incomplete. So everytime the individuality remains by the power of thought and all the thoughts bundled makes for a united idea or say a answer to a question. So long individuality remains will make people come together for no group is complete without its members.-- Puneet

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  • 1 decade ago

    the world bring us together with the love and common thing we share that god gave us.the wonderful life... other than that we should share the humainty, the love, the uniqness, the god, the purpose of existing, the brotherhood, the strength to fight any problem...this all thing makes us 1 and this bond is the only thing which holds this world and beautiful universe a place for living even after so much of crime...

    as we all know a drop of water can't do anything alone but toghter makes a sea but still a drop have its importance and its own responsibilty of exixtence...

    as a great craftmen can't make two same piece same, a gog cant make two humans all the same.. hence those difference makes us different from each other and gives us the reason to show our abilities and power and that's why we loose and win in this same life...

    at last i would just summarize it, as an individual we might have a lot of diference but we should always remember that we are toghter a society and the children of same god so do others for every person because that difference we need right now to have a similing mother earth...

    Source(s): my source are my "sanskar" simply means my childhood stories and experience taught me what i think right now...
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