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What happened on the show Heroes this week?

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    Ted is in LA when he is contacted on the internet by call sign Wireless. She tells him she has to see him about what is happening to him . She shows him a diagram of the pnematic gun that he was shot with. He is inteerested and wants to know when they can meet. Wireless says now. She is in the room with him. Ted learns that she can pick up sigals with her mind and tal on the internet with her mind.

    In Odessa, Claire is upset Sondar does not recognize her or Mr Muggles. She runs to get Lyle but by the time she gets back Sondra's memory is back.

    At Isaac's Loft, Isaac it telling Bennet about Peter and the fact he must be able to get invisible. Bennett says someone they thought was dead must still be alive. He tells Isaac he need s to protect himself. He gives Isaac a gun to do so.

    At Mark's house Mark gives his wife a new wedding ring. She is happy with it but thinks it is too expensive. He tells her it will be fine. he says he bought it wholesale. She tells him that Suresh called for him and that he is not as big a secret as he might think he is. The cell phone rings and the person on the other side wants to see Mark in a hurry.

    Meanwhile Sylar and Suresh have come to a garage to find Dale Smither. She can hear things all kinds of things. Sylar shows her that he can melt metal when he ruins her favorite wrench. She is busy so she wants to talk to them tomorrow.

    In Vegas, Hiro is let out of his closet by the man in the hotle room. The man is S R Gustaffsen, a federal gaming marshall. He wants to know where Ando and tHope have gone. Hiro agrees to help him find them.

    Back in LA, Ted vistis his wife's grave and in laying down his flowers kills the earth all around her grave.

    Back on the terrace of the Devaux building in Ney York an invisible fight is going on. Claude is trying to piss off Peter by hitting him with a pole. Finally, it works and Peter stops the pole with his mind. Telekenesis. he has Sylar's power. Claude thinks this will help him not to go nuclear.

    Downstairs Simone in in the building talking to Isaac about where Peter is. Isaac say he has not seen him, but Peter is dangerous, she should avoid him. She thinks she should give Isaac back his key. He tells her no.

    Outside Vegas Hiro and Gustaffson are talking about the risks of having a partner. Gustaffsen says they are to hard to look after.

    At a town with a Bus Stop Ando and Hope are getting out of the car. the bag spills in the car and Ando see that the bag is filled with chips. He wants to know what is up.

    Sylar and Suresh check into a hotel. Suresh tells Sylar that he may be able to find a cure for all these powers.

    In Odessa, Claire is talking to Sondra when Sondra passes out in the kitchen and spills milk all over the floor. Claire screams for help.

    Back on the roof in NY. Bennett and the Haitian ambush Claude and Peter stunning Claude with a Tazer but missing Peter who freezes to darts and throw Bennett and th Haitian back with his mind. Peter then grabs Claude and jumps off the roof only to fly away. Bennett's phone rings and it is Claire wanting him to come home quick.

    At Matt's place Matt is sitting there looking at the other diamonds.

    His wife walks in upset and says the ring was stolen and it was worth 40,000 dollars. She wants to know where it came from. He shows her the other gems and tells her where they came from, She convinces him to give the stones to the police.

    In his apartment Peter talks to Claude and Claude is telling him that someone turned them in. Claude figures it is Isaac.Claude tells Peter about the marks on their necks but he has removed whatever was in his neck. Claude runs away.

    Simone goes to Nathan's to talk about Peter. Nathan has no Idea where Peter is. he tells her Peter doesn't want to be found. She wants to go public. He tells her not to.

    Outside Vegas near a Bus Stop Ando gives the bag back to hope who has a gun on him. Gustaffsen and Hiro pull up. Gustaffsen wants his cut of the chips. A shoot out erupts and Ando is winged in the shoulder. Eventually Hope gets the drop on Hiro and is about to shoot him when he thinks the bullet back into the gun, misfire. The police arrive and arrest Gustaffsen and Hope.

    Meanwhile Sylar flies over to Dale and she wonders why she never heard his footsteps. He said he never hand any. He then kills her telling her the sound she hears now is murder in his heart.

    At the Hosptal the doctors are asking Claire if there is domestic violence at her house. She says no. They wonder about the dural bleed in Sondra. Claire tell the doctor that Bennett has a man that can erase your thoughts. The doctor looks at her with disbelief.

    At the cemetary Ted tells Mark that he found out about the marks on their necks. He introduces Mark to Wireless. They tell Mark about the pheumatic gun that shoots transmitters into their necks. They are radio tracking isotopes . the guns were sold to Prima Tech. To Bennett. Ted wants Mark to read Bennetts's mind.

    At the Hospital bennett arrives and the doctor has told him what Claire said. He tells her that this was all for her and Lyle and Sondra. She says she knows he can have her mind wiped. She know he wanted her mind wiped. He had Sondra's mind wiped. He tells her about Sylar coming after her and he didn't want Sondra to remember that man exists. She is telling him that she does not trust him but she feels she has to stay to protect Sondra and Lyle form him.

    The next morning Sylar and Suresh go back to the garage but what they find is a dead Dale. Suresh wants to call the Police but Sylar says and tell them what. They will think they did it. Sylar is having headaches though as he adjusts to his new power. Suresh agrees but says they have to warn everyone about Sylar.

    ON the ground is Dale's MP3 player in a pool of blood.

    At the Bus stop The Police have carted off the bad guys and Ando is asking Hiro to drive. Hiro decides instead to take his suitcase and grab a bus. He wants Ando to go home. He wants to go on alone. The Bus door opens and Stan Lee the cartoonist is the bus driver. Hiro gives Ando a Vulcan peace sign and gets on the bus.

    In Odessa, Bennett and the family get hom. Lyle takes Sondra up stairs and Bennett is talking to Claire when out pops Ted with a gun. Bennett looks behind him and there is Mark with onther gun. They want him to talk.

    At Isaac loft, Isaac is painting in a trance. He comes to and sees that Peter should be behing him. He is. Peter wants to know why Isaac turne dhim in. It is all about the explosion. Peter tells Isaac he scared off the guy who was tteaching him to control that power. They argue about Simone and who is worse for her. Peter gets upset and throws Isaac away with his voice. Isaac grabs the gun to shoot Peter but Peter is invisible. He has no idea where to shoot. He shoots everywhere. Suddenly he sees he had shot Simone. They both get next to Simone and she dies.


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    OMG you missed a great episode. Why don't you try download it? I won't ruin it but I will say that someone died, looks like Sylar might be cracking, Claire confronted her Dad, Radioactive man teams up with some other heroes to find out what Mr Bennett is up to....

    Watch it!

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    go to to watch it and its about the policeman getting info from claires dad, claires dad has flashback of working with the invisible man, and nuclear guy freaks everyone out, he watches bennets family as the policeman goes with bennet to get info, bennet remembers the day he *killed* the invisible man, he finds out the hasian can talk and gives the info to nuker man and his boss tries to kill bennet but hits radioactive person and he blows up, but claire hits him with a tranquilizer, caveman like nuker is in a place where sylar was kept and policeman is on medical bed, wireless is the new nurse there

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    Well lots ot interesting things!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Heroes today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the WHOLE episode here:

    I hope ot helped! Go PETER PETRELLI!

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    nothin much you should go to to see exactly wat happened

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