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If I had my hair dyed a toffee-ish colour, would it need bleaching or not?

I currently have dark brown hair (natural colour) with pale peachish-orange flashes on the sides (possibly a very small one on the back as well). If it needed bleaching, I'd also have to have it cropped a lot (otherwise the flashes would be even more wrecked than they currently are).

I have hazel eyes and pale skin. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...

I hope the above piccie works

I'd go to a professional to get it done if it needed to be bleached.

Examples of colours I like are here:





I think I might want some burnt orange in there somewhere, but the overall aim is toffe or caramel colour.


In the first picture, I'm the one with the glasses

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    You almost always have to get it bleached to get it toffed color.If not it won't look like toffee colored but more like black.It will add to its darkness so get it bleached before dyed.

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