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Diamond slaughter in Rhodesia?

I was assigned a project on the diamond slaughter in Rhodesia by my teacher. I searched Google and Wikipedia and got nothing. Can it be referring to something else?

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    The recent movie, "Blood Diamond" is a revealing look at the problem. See the site below for more on "blood diamonds" or "conflict diamonds",,,

    the 2nd source talks about Zimbabwe (the current name for Rhodesia) and the movie and how that country missed out on the filming of it. Here is a quote about the movie that reflects your question...

    "In prison, Solomon meets a Rhodesian, Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), an ex-SADF soldier who has been arrested for smuggling diamonds. He was smuggling for his former 32 Battalion commander, a South African mercenary named Colonel Coetzee (Arnold Vosloo). Archer is desperate for a way to repay Colonel Coetzee for the diamonds he lost when he was arrested. When he overhears Captain Poison ranting to Solomon about the discovery of the pink diamond, Archer makes plans to hunt down the stone. He offers to help Solomon find his family in exchange for the diamond."

    Hope that helps!



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    Look up "conflict diamonds"

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