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I refilled my Lexmark ink cartridge but........?

when I put it in the printer the display on my printer says the ink cartridge is empty. Why is this??

Furthermore, when I print it is not printing properly. Some parts print fine and others print faded - It is basically streaky. I cleaned the printer head of the cartridge using the solution provided and I have run the "fix horizintal streaks" on my printer, and have also run some other maintenances but it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. This is the first time I refilled this ink cartridge so I know the printer head is not damaged. Anyone have any suggestions??

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    I have had 3 lexmark printers

    ( I didn't know any better at the time)

    As I said on a previous posting

    I got rid of them and got a Brother

    I have had no problem since.

    You are wasting your time refilling

    Just get RID OF IT.

    most other refills are cheaper than

    the dreaded Lexmark!!!!

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    Firstly, it is the software telling you that the cartridge is empty - there isn't a dipstick in the cartridge! There should be options for you to tell it that the new cartridge has ink in it.

    Secondly, it sounds like you let the cartridge run dry before refilling it. Running it dry can very easily burn out some of the jets in the print head. The secret with refilling is to do is just before the ink runs out completely - when the printing starts to get a bit feint. I learned this one the hard way, too. Also don't overfill - 5ml is enough - what's the point? When it runs out, you just refill it again!

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    Hand refilling almost never works as you get air bubbles in the sponge. Furthermore, Lexmark cartridges are pathetic. They are very susceptible to burning up the heating elements when they are repeatedly fired without ink. You need to throw away your crappy Lexmark printer or go to a refilling store like Cartridge World that can fill these under a vacuum.

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    Often times those ink refillers use different consistency inks that can cause issues such as streaking.

    Also, it is probably telling you that the cartridge is empty because it is recognizing it as the same empty cartridge that you pulled out of it. Which it is, but now it has ink in it.

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    yes your printer tells the computer hmm? wait a minute this is the same cartridge it must be empty all you do is yahoo search lexmark print cartridge resetter and i should come up with downloads and install it it will tell you how to use it and hay presto it working again

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    I tried to refill my lexmark printer cartridge and it didn't work either. the print heads are inside the cartridge and they short circuited easily. refilling it seems to short circuit them. I would by oem or new cartridges

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    Personally, having 'played the refill game' i gave up, when i found this system, even cheaper, less messing around

    Continuous Ink Supply System

    This is only a sample to give the idea, but seriously, it would be economical to bin your lexmark.

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    did you fill the cartrideges yourself,if you did go down that road forget it,your better of buying professionaly filled cartridges.they are half the price of new ones.your better of changing printers and getting a more localised epson

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