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Should KARA run for President of the United States?

What Ticket should she run on?

Grassy would vote for her

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    The Ticket I Would Run On Is The KickAss Ticket and that is just what The President Miss Kara would do.....I would Clean House Bring Home The Troops Take Care of This Country and The American People.......LAWS Would Be Changed and All Children Would Be Safe .....Anyone who HARMS A Child Faces The DEATH PENALTY........More Women In The Supreme Court ..WHY? Because Women Don't Take AnyShit.......Take Care Of The Elderly......Rape,Abuse ,Sexual Devients Death Penalty.....MURDERS No Trial AUTOMATIC DEALTH PENALTY..........I Am A Clean Up Woman...........Free Health Care ...No More HungaryPeople Children....Animal Rights You HURT any Animal You Die SIMPLE as that kara.......thanks grassy for that venting I needed it bad...

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    No Grassy should run for presidential status.You would have my vote! x

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    IF SHE COULD STOP THE IRAQ WAR. Go for it. My vote is on her.

  • nobody can fix the mess of USA~

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