Is moodiness an early sign of pregnancy?

I am a bit worried, as my period normally shows up early, and now it is about a week late. I did have an incedent with my boyfriend this past month which could have been cause for concern...

I have no other signs that I can be pregnany, besides the late period, and fact that I am awfully moody for the last week. I have never been the type to PMS, I always have a fairly sunny disposition even under heavy stress. Now I can pretty much cry at any given moment for some reason. I'm easily aggitated, and I swing from real happy to pissed off in a matter of seconds. It's not like me at all...

could moodiness be a factor of pregnancy?

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    The First Trimester

    (Week 1 - Week 12)

    More about the First Trimester

    Your period stops or becomes very light.

    You may feel nausea or queasiness. Some women vomit. ("Morning sickness" can happen any time of day -- it may help to eat small meals throughout the day, snack on crackers or toast, or drink juice or lemonade.)

    Your breasts swell and may be tender.

    Your nipples and the area around the nipples (areola) get darker and broader.

    You have to urinate more often.

    You feel tired.

    You may become constipated and have heartburn (Tums may help).

    You may have headaches.

    You experience mood swings -- feel angry, sad, or happy for no reason.

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    if you're pregnant, the following is a itemizing of being pregnant indications you would experienced earlier you neglected your era: a million. Implantation Bleeding: Implantation bleeding will be between the earliest being pregnant indications. about 6-12 days after idea, the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. some women human beings will journey recognizing besides as some cramping. 2. Swollen/gentle Breasts: Swollen or gentle breasts is a being pregnant symptom which will start up as early as a million-2 weeks after idea. women human beings would observe transformations of their breasts; they'd nicely be gentle to the contact, sore, or swollen. 3. Fatigue/Tiredness: Feeling fatigued or extra drained is a being pregnant symptom which could also commence as early because the first week after idea. 4. Nausea/Morning ailment: This nicely-conventional being pregnant symptom will regularly take position between 2-8 weeks after idea. some women actually everyone looks fortunate to no longer deal with morning ailment in any respect, at the same time as others will sense nauseous for the time of maximum of their being pregnant. 5. Backaches: decrease backaches would nicely be a symptom that takes position early in being pregnant; notwithstanding, it really is favourite to journey a useless backache for the time of an entire being pregnant. 6. issues: The surprising upward push of hormones on your body may reason you to have issues early in being pregnant. if you're pregnant, the following is yet another record of being pregnant indications you would experienced once you had neglected your era: a million. conventional Urination: round 6-8 weeks after idea, you could finally end up making some more suitable journeys to the lavatory. 2. Darkening of Areolas: if you're pregnant, the floor round your nipples would get darker. 3. foodstuff Cravings: at the same time as you would no longer have a reliable favor to eat pickles and ice cream, many females human beings will sense cravings for particular ingredients at the same time as they're pregnant. this would very last for the time of the entire being pregnant. notwithstanding in case you want a shown answer on even if you're pregnant or no longer, there are 2 possibilities that you'll search for. the first decision is to take a house being pregnant try kit one week or so after your neglected era. if you're truly pregnant, the being pregnant stick will in a position to locate it due for your intense hormones factor. yet another decision is to make sure and wide-spread practitioner and had blood try performed.

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    yup when i was pregnant... i was super moddy to a point were my boyfriend couldn't deal with it any more. I you know your moody but the simpliest things just piss you off... You might be pregnant take a test and see if you are.

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