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what is pig latin?

how do you speak it?

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    Pig Latin is a twist of English for people who want to be silly, or for kids who don't want their parents to know what they're talking about. For words which begin with a single consonant take the consonant off the front of the word and add it to the end of the word. Then add ay after the consonant. Here are some examples:

    cat = atcay

    dog = ogday

    simply = implysay

    noise = oisnay

    For words which began with double or multiple consonants take the group of consonants off the front of the word and add them to the end, adding ay at the very end of the word. Here are some examples:

    scratch = atchscray

    thick = ickthay

    flight = ightflay

    grime = imegray

    For words that begin with a vowel, just add yay at the end. For example:

    is = isyay

    apple =appleyay

    under = underyay

    octopus = octopusyay


    Here is another dialect for words that begin with a vowel. First, add a y at the beginning of the word. If the word ends in a vowel, add yay at the end. For example:

    extra = yextrayay

    amuse = yamuseyay

    orange = yorangeyay

    echo = yechoyay

    If the word ends in a consonent add y at the beginning of the word, and ay at the end of the word. For examle:

    answer = yansweray

    otter = yotteray

    excellent = yexcellentay

    interest = yinterestay

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    It's a made-up, slang play off the English language

    You take the first sound off of a word (like the 'st' from the word stupid)

    You put it at the end of the word and add the 'ay' sound (end result: upidstay)

    If the word begins in a vowel sound (like 'envy') you keep it as it is and add 'hay'

    The stress always follows on the first syllable of every word.

    Here are some examples - first how they are written out and then how they sound

    My name is Lissy

    Written: Ymay amenay ishay Issylay

    Said: Eye-may aim-nay is-hay Issy-lay

    I can speak Pig Latin

    Written: Ihay ancay eakspay igpay attnlay

    Said: Eye-hay an-cay eek-spay ig-pay attin-lay

    Source(s): I'm fluent! ;-) If there was such a thing...my sister and I speak it as quickly as we do regular English. It confuses people ALL the time. They think we're speaking another language.
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    A made up language, sounds sort of latiny I guess.

    You take the first consonant sound of a word, put it at the end and then add "ay" (as in day). words like and, the, of, on are not changed and words starting with vowels just have the ay added to the end.

    good morning becomes oodgay orningmay.

    and isthey is the enday of the essagemay

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    i think is wrong but whatever, other people know what they are talking about

    you take the first letter of a word say umm pig for example and take the first letter , p, and switch it to the back of 'ig'.

    so now you have igp

    all words in pig latin end in 'ay' so now you have

    igpay <-- thats how you pronounce it too

    ex1) dog


    ex2) clock


    okay now if it started with a vowel like apple you would just take away the vowel completely and say ppleay (pronounced pullay).

    ex1) octopus


    ex2) enemy


    for two letter words like hi you would just say hihay

    for one letter words like 'a' you would say ahay

    the same for 'i' you would just say ihay

    good luck

    Source(s): well thats how i speak it anyway :)
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    I think there's different forms. The only way I know is putting words "backwards". Like, if you are going to say "bird", you'd say "ird-bay"..or "chair" would be "air-chay". You sort of take the first letter off and add "ay" to the end. I have no idea where it orginated, but I'm sure someone will know!

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    you take off the first letter of a word and put it at the end and add an "a" to it. theres a little more to it then that incase it ends in a

    Source(s): "go" woud be "oga"
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    You take the first letter, move it to the end of the word, and add ay

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    You basically omit the first sound of a word and put it at the end of the word - hard to explain. e.g. 'you ate lunch' would be 'ou-yay te-ay unch-lay'. Kind of. I think.

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    a language

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    you gotta wear a toga.... and squeal like a hog.

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