How much insulin does a normal human body ( non diabetic) produce in one day?

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The normal, nondiabetic range for blood glucose is from 70 to 110 mg/dl
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  • stubbytoes84 answered 7 years ago
    There's no certain answer to your question -- there are so many variables!! Weight, height, sex, age -- they all play a role in it. The short, skinny, young female may only produce a fraction of what the tall, over-weight older male may produce.


    Research from years of having diabetes myself
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  • Mr. Peachy┬« answered 7 years ago
    That's an interesting question. I don't think anyone could answer that accurately because there are too many variables. Suffice to say, the smart aleck answer, in this case, would be the best answer...."as much as it needs".


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  • sherry a answered 7 years ago
    it is highly variable.
    fasting:6-26 microU/ml
    levels can only be interpreted in relation to plasma glucose and body habitus
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