Guitar pickups? Install?

I am wanting to upgrade my pickups. I usually do my own **** so I was wondering if anyone here has installed pickups on their guitar. If so how complicated is it? I know how to solder fairly well but what else does the install require? Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I installed Bill Lawrence pickups in my son's strat. It wasn't difficult at all. Just make sure you match up the wires correctly. There should be instructions with the pickups. If not, match the wire colors. If that isn't possible, contact the pickup manufacturer for instructions relating to your specific application.

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    5 years ago

    Sounds like you crossed the wrong wires. Seymour Duncan has the same basic wiring across the board, so if its the normal 4 wire pickup (and it should be) then the diagram below should be correct. As the other answerer said, a higher value pot will help beef the pickup up a bit... 500k is "standard" for humbuckers, I tend to prefer 1 meg myself. Higher values emphasize treble frequencies a little more, which is good for humbuckers since they have less treble response than single-coils. A "coil-tap" aka coil-splitting is a good way to get a single-coil-ish sound from a humbucker. The wiring diagram below also covers that, too. If you're getting a sound at all, its not your soldering, wires, or pots per se.... just how you've hooked them up. Even a low-value pot will still give you volume... if your pickup is really dull and muddy, that's more likely to be an issue, but even then you'll still get volume. Yeah, I'll bet its your wires... you got your wires crossed... Saul

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