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How do I make an effective homemade anti-dandruff shampoo for dogs?

We have a Labrador Retreiver and it has dandruff. We give him a bath every week but after a few days of bathing, the dog has dandruff again. He is always scratching and when you look at his back, you'll see lots of flakes.

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    has anyone suggested not bathing him.. that maybe the natural oils he needs are being washed away. what type of food does he get?

    Iams and Eukanuba both dry the dogs skin too much.....we only bathe our dogs about every 3 weeks

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    Homemade Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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    DO NOT wash your dog any more than once a month. Over washing will strip their skin of their natural oils and cause more problems. I personally do every other month unless my dog is extra grimy. Use homemade dog shampoo that has oatmeal in it or use a dog shampoo from the store with oatmeal. Also, give your dog a raw egg about every other day. Raw eggs are good for the skin and coat. Plus add a couple tablespoons of coconut oil into the dog food everyday. Coconut oil is so very healthy. Great for skin and many other things. It is anti just about everything and also speeds healing. I not only use it for my dog but my children and myself as well.

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    Dogs don't really have dandruff. The skin condition you describe is call seborrhea sicca. Using a good moisturizing shampoo only every other week to every 3 weeks is best. There are also spray on humectants that you can use daily. I would also suggest using fish oil on the food daily (one capsule is sufficient). The Omega fatty acids in fish oil will keep the skin and coat moisturized, decrease shedding, and boost the immune system. If these don't help, try using a medicated shampoo that contains tar and salicylic acid.

    Source(s): my hubby's a vet - he answered
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    I am a dog groomer & you are washing your dog to often!Maybe also you are not rinsing the shampoo out completley & maybe te shampoo is to strong-whatever it says on the bottle you should always dilute the shampoo(dont use human shapoo)adding abit of oil to your dogs food along with regular grooming should keep the pronlem at bay.I wouldnt bath the dog more than once a month & often you might find that just giving your dog a legs & under bath is enought(wash legs & belly only)

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    don't bathe him once a week, his skin is to sensitive for that. It might also be stress my black lab had some dandruff and its not a big deal its just dry skin find some moisturizing shampoo and bathe him once a month or more.

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    I doubt its dandruff it probably dry skin. Giving him baths is probably just making it worse. I don't reall know any remedy for it I'm sure if you take it to your vet they will give you something. Good Luck!

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    if you put a little olive oil in his food a few days a week it will help with the dry skin. you might want to bathe him every other week. that will help too. you can use head and shoulders on dogs too.

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    He may have an allergy that is causing this. It is not recommended to bath a dog so often. I suggest you ask your vet to investigate so that you can find a long term solution to this.

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    i have a great dane with same problem.. i switched to nutro lamb and rice dry food and bathe once a month and after a month on the food we have no skin problems and glossy fur

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