Planning on buying a Nikon D80?

I plan on buying the D80 here in about 2 to 3 weeks. I've heard some great reviews. Just wanted to hear some reviews from anyone who has one or has used one compared to the D70 and even the D200.

Likes and dislikes. Anything to help me make sure I'm making a good decision. I'm pretty confident I am.

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    Nikon D80 vs. Nikon D200

    Comparison between the Nikon D80 and the Nikon D200:

    If you want to compare current models, compare the D80 to the D200. This is a tough call. Here is the recent Popular Photography review of the D80. They make comparisons with the D200 throughout the article. They also have capsule summaries comparing the D80 to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi (400D), the Pentax K10D, and the Sony Alpha 100. In the conclusion, they suggest that Nikon has "gone crazy" releasing this camera for $700 less than the D200, stating that the D80 is nearly the same camera without a few features and without the industrial strength of the D200.

    I own a D200 and a D70s, which should feel quite a bit like the D80. The D70s by no means feels "cheap," but it is lighter and somewhat smaller than the D200. If I had all of the image quality of the D200 available in the D70s, I doubt I would have spent the money for the D200. In other words, if you are looking to move up from a point and shoot, the additional price is probably not worth the difference unless you need the superior construction and all the subtle features of the D200.

    Here's something else you would like to see:

    The February 2007 issue of Popular Photography has an article where they compared the top 10 MP DSLR's.

    I took the scores and ranked the cameras similar to the way Formula 1 gives championship points. I just gave 5 for 1st place down to 1 for last place, splitting the difference when cameras tied in their catagories.

    They evaluated Image Quality (giving this twice as much weight as anything else), Ease of Use, Control, and System Flexibility.

    The final order and my scores are:

    Nikon D80 - 17.5 points

    - BEST in Image Quality, Control and System Flexibility

    Canon Rebel XTi (400D) - 13.5 points

    - Tied for best in System Flexibility

    Pentax K10D - 11 points

    - Tied for best in Ease of Use

    Samsung GX10 - 11 points

    - Tied for best in Ease of Use

    Sony Alpha 100 - 7 points

    - LAST in Image Quality, Ease of Use and System Flexibility."

    Then again, this is the same magazine that put the Sony Alpha 100 dead last in this comparison named it the camera of the year in the previous issue!

    This review is now available online at:

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    I started with a Nikon D50, so my D80 was an upgrade. I don't have a bad thing to say about the D80 it is just a wonderful camera. The D200 has metal body and the D80 is plastic, but I do not hold this against it, the D80 has a nice solid feel in your hands. The only very very slight criticism is a slightly red / maroon cast to photos taken in medium light with auto white balance. This is easily correctable with custom white balance and a gray card. I like the larger review screen and slightly improved control layout. The D80 doesn't make my D50 feel like rubbish, I still use it, just the D80 is better.

    Go for it, you won't regret it.

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    The D80 is a great camera. I'm using a D50 at the moment and wouldn't hesitate to buy a D80 if I was ready to upgrade. If you shoot sports the faster frame rate of the D200 might be useful but you'd have to be a serious sports shooter to spring for the extra cost. Buy the D80 and you will be one happy photographer.

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    The D200 is regarded as a "pro" camera or the younger sibling of the D2Hs (without the vertical grip). Its bigger than the D80 and definitely heavier because it's built to be weather-proof. Its my camera and its a great, great camera, if you do not mind the weight.

    If you find the D200 too big and heavy, the D80 is the one for you. Its loaded with features and it takes great pictures. In fact, the quality is as good as the D200. Great great value for money.

    The D70 and D70s is old technology. And coming from a D70s, it was difficult to properly set its white balance.

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    I use a D200.

    - D200 is a semi-pro/pro. D80 rest as amateurs good camera.

    - Color Matrix Metering: 1000 pixels RGB sensor(D200) vs 420 pixels RGB sensor(D80)

    - D200 uses compact flash memory cards. D80 uses SD memory cards. Compact flash is very useful If you are planning to upgrade to D2X or another future professional camera or simply comming from D70. (You don't have to buy again all your memory cards)

    - Shutter speed- 1/8000 for D200 and 1/4000 for D80.

    - Continuos shooting- 5 frame/s for D200 and 3 frame/s for D80.

    - Continuos shooting: 37 / 22 frames (JPEG / RAW) D200 vs 23 / 6 frames (JPEG / RAW) for D80. Please notice the difference in RAW.

    - D200 has a much more advanced interface, with external controls for nearly all functions, whereas the D80 (like the D70) relies more on interal menues.

    - Nikon just won the EISA awards - The D200 as the best camera 2006-2007.

    - Definitive more rigid body. D200 looks like a tank and D80 looks like a Jeep.

    - Lacking from the D80 is the "Non-CPU Lens Data" menu item found in the D200 and D2Xs, for entering information about non-CPU lenses, as well as the aperture-indexing finger that the D200 has for wide-open metering with older "AI" lenses.

    - D200 has Group Dynamic AF (Sports useful) and Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF (useful for difficult front subjects with distracting background).

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    you have made a great decision to purchase the nikon d80. i also have a nikon and i have no complaints! i love the manual functions and all the cool little things you can do. also there are so many great lenses and accessories for nikons. i love it.

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    Yes, good choice. Check out Sammy's Camera, Best Buy and Circuit City. Businesses are slowing down so now is a good time for negotiating prices.

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    easy decesion here

    the d80 i sperfect for the amatuer photographer

    definetly get it

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    I don't have one but I always check out the

    reviews on any product that I buy first. They seem to have the most honest and helpful reviews.

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