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religion in Elizabethan times?

I can't find ANYTHING on this topic; it's making me extermly frustrated! (I don't care if I spelt "extermly" wrong)

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    Look up Queen Elizabeth I in Wikipedia. There is a whole section on the religious turmoil of the time. Also, look up the history of the Anglican church (the church of England).

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    Most people were Anglican. It all started with King Henry VIII who had six wives, problem was that the catholic church was not going to give him any divorces so he left and decide he was going to become the head of the Church of England and so became Protestant(they protested against the catholic church). His daughter, who became Queen Elizabeth I was also a Protestant/Anglican(what Protestants called themselves in England.) The Anglican church differs in these ways from the catholic church: no vestments(richly embroidered insignias that showed if you were a monk or bishop or the Pope.); no indulgences(pieces of paper you could by that would pay for and nullify your sins); and Queen Elizabeth I was now the head of the church instead of the Pope; and was not as ritualized as the Catholic Church. You also had the Puritans(wanted to purify the Church of England so that it had no remnants of the Catholic church.)

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    Most English people were proddys, as they would be burnt in the street if they were catholics. Lizzys sister who was a catholic did the opposite and there father before them being a proddy who was a catholic murdered monks burnt down all the monastarys and robbed them. confusing times, I am sure there is loads on the intenet, type in Henry the 8th.

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    Perhaps, thay always have a great deal of info when I'm trying to find somthing. Also, try researching Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly.

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    Extremely is spelled wrong. Try Medieval and Renaissance time period. Most of them were Christians or Catholics I believe.

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    Try looking up the Protestant Church of England.

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    Perhaps try Church of England?

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    what do you mean? as for spelling words all you need to do is hit spell check before you send your question or answer.

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