How do I recruit commission only sales people for an International Company?

I've tried several times to recruit people for this position. I've had several great phone interviews with the candidates and then they disappear. I'm thinking the fact that this is a small company located in the US and in Jordan makes them run. How can I create a trust environment for the work. I'm lost and need the sales assistance badly. What can I do? This would be business to business sales handled as per International export requirements. I have employment contract, job procedures as well as procedures on payment. What am I doing wrong? I'm working on a small budget for hiring and can't afford to advertise or place an ad in the expensive employment sites or papers.

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    People who work on a commission only basis need some assurance that they will be able to make a good living at it. What probably worries them is the fact that you are a SMALL company. The fact that there are no established customers is also a drawback. You should conduct your interviews in person not by phone. Perhaps you could offer a small salary plus a lower commission rate at the beginning. Why not focus on your company in the US and recruit salespeople for that by placing an ad saying Small International Import Company. requires motivated salespeople for it's US division. ask them to send you a resume. no phone calls. Select those you want to consider and make them come in for an interview.

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    Commission Only Sales People

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