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Which state produced the highest number of governors who went on to become president?

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    New York is winning so far!

    GWBush - Texas (father was Representative, not governor)

    Clinton - Arkansas

    Reagan - California

    Carter - Georgia

    FDRoosevelt - New York

    Coolidge - Massachusetts

    Wilson - New Jersey

    TRoosevelt - New York

    McKinley - Ohio

    Cleveland - New York

    Hayes - Ohio

    Polk - Tennessee

    Tyler - Virginia

    Harrison - Indian Territories

    Mark J is wrong -- both Johnson & the elder Bush were Representatives from Texas, not governors.

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    I'm thinking it is Texas. President Johnson, and both of the President Bushes. Just my guess, but let me know what you find out.

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    Ohio. All Presidents from Ohio SUCKED!

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  • Ron H
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    Maybe New York

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    I also think it's Virginia

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    Good question, I have no idea, look it up and let us all know. Thanks

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