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Does anyone knows anything about Canada tour dates of Van Halen 2007 tour?

Van Halen, 2007 reunion, canada tour dates

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    Rumor has it that the tour is off. It could just be a publicity stunt.

    We'll have to see. If there is a tour, I'm sure they'll hit the major cities in Canada.

  • suda
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    4 years ago

    i'm purely happy I observed them on the initiating of the excursion while Eddie certainly looked rejuvenated on the point. From what I study in comments, it wasn't long after he got here to Boston while issues began going downhill in this excursion. i think of as quickly as they introduced the excursion grow to be 50 dates or maybe though, human beings began putting bets on how long it might take earlier they cancelled shows. shocked that it wasn't a combat w/ DLR, yet no longer shocked it in contact Eddie.

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    Have not heard any tour dayes anywhere, except the tour may start in Las Vegas

  • 1 decade ago

    none whats so ever

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